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Joel (James Bond III), a disillusioned Minister arrives in New York City to visit his old childhood best friend K (Kadeem Hardison), a struggling actor who moved to the city years ago in order to become a star. One night while at the night club K comes across Temptation (Cynthia Bond), who he calls the “perfect woman”. Her other name is Temptress and is actually a succubus- who seeks the blood of any man who is foolish enough to be tempted by her. Joel quickly becomes ensnared by her lust, and K suspects that something about Temptation is seriously wrong and enlists the help of Dougy (Bill Nunn), a cop who specializes in cases of the supernatural, who has already pinned the succubus as the culprit to a series of murders around the city. It becomes clear that in order to save Joel and other would-be victims it’s up to them to destroy the succubus before she strikes again.

This movie contains examples of:

  • Bury Your Gays: One of Temptation's victims is a closeted gay man whom she convinces to try heterosexual sex.
  • Evil Laugh: Temptation’s laugh goes from a feminine cackle to a demonic one consistently.
  • The End... Or Is It?: Joel successfully manages to destroy Temptation, but the final scene reveals that Dougy, who was previously thought to have been killed, has instead been transformed into an incubus (with K acting as his demonic valet), hinting that the cycle will begin anew with female victims this time. The film even ends with a voiceover from Joel, saying they will likely meet again.
  • Excellent Judge of Character: Dougy at first appears to be a man who indiscriminately flirts with every woman at the bar, all but the one with the "freaky nails" and "soulless eyes" who frequents the bar.
  • Fade to Black: Used frequently during scene transitions.
  • Femme Fatalons: Temptation uses her nails to shred her victims.
  • High-Heel Power: Temptation is almost always seen in a stylish pair of high heels.
  • Holy Burns Evil: Joel ultimately destroys Temptation by rebuking her while brandishing a crucifix, which causes her to violently explode.
  • Missing Reflection: K notices that Temptation has no reflection in the mirror.
  • Monochrome Casting: The entire cast is African-American.
  • Neon City: Shots of New York and the bar that’s a frequent location is neon lit and smoggy.
  • Not-So-Abandoned Building: The whole building that Temptress resides in looks abandoned at first glance, which is perfect for people to completely ignore.
  • Occult Detective: Dougy, a frequent barfly of the nightclub is actually a Detective working on a case that just so happens to be trying to pin Temptation for murder and torture.
  • Our Succubi Are Different: The succubus in the film shares many typical vampire traits, such as having no reflection, being weakened by crosses, and apparently being a resurrected dead person. She's also able to somehow remotely possess K's television, causing it to devour him.
  • Rain of Blood: Temptation makes blood appear in the shower to one of her victims.
  • The Rich Have White Stuff: Temptation presents herself as a wealthy woman of high class, with a bedroom lavishly decorated in white.
  • Spit Out a Shoe: After K is sucked into his TV, it spits out blood, some bones, and a few globs of human meat.
  • Succubi and Incubi: A succubus, specifically. Her monstrous true form is briefly glimpsed during her death at the end of the movie.
  • Take That!: When discussing the rough characters Joel encountered on the streets of New York, K says they're victims of "Reaganomics." When K is later consumed by his TV, the inflatable Ronald Reagan behind it laughs evilly.
  • Virtue Is Weakness: Joel is too naive and innocent to see how evil Temptation is.