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Deadfall is a 1993 crime drama film directed and co-written by Christopher Coppola, and starring Michael Biehn, Sarah Trigger, Nicolas Cage, James Coburn, Charlie Sheen, and Peter Fonda.

Joe Dolan (Biehn) is a Con Man working alongside his father Mike (Coburn). After accidentally killing Mike one day during a sting, Joe tries to carry out Mike's dying wish by recovering valuables that Mike's twin brother Lou (also played by Coburn) stole from him years earlier, but Joe discovers more than expected when he goes to California in search of his estranged uncle and discovers that Lou is also a con artist.

Nowadays the movie is best known for being the source of the "Nicolas Cage Screams 'Fuck'" video. Cage reprised his role for the 2017 film Arsenal (aka Sothern Fury), which featured Christopher Coppola in a cameo.


No relation to the 2012 film of the same name starring Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde.

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