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Dark Touch is a 2013 Horror film set in Ireland. Niamh, in a panic, runs to a neighbor's house, claiming that something horrible has happened at her house, that there's something evil there. Niamh is bruised and bloodied by running through the forest with nothing on but a night gown, and the neighbors, Nat and Lucas, are concerned, but when Niamh's parents arrive and explain that Niamh has been suffering nightmares about the house, they accept the explanation. Later, Niamh has a night-time visitation by something that sounds like her parents, after they have put her to bed, and something happens, causing things to fly around the house, resulting in her parents' death and the house catching fire. Niamh hides from the fire in a cabinet, with her infant brother, and is found by the firefighters alive, but her brother has suffocated. Nat and Lucas take her in, but Niamh's troubles haven't ended because bad things are still happening around her...


No relation to the Dark Touch novels.

This film exhibits the following tropes:

  • Abuse Mistake: Niamh sees abuse everywhere, and assumes that the twice that she is slapped by Nat and Lucas means they're as abusive as her parents and they therefore should die. It doesn't help that the pictures of Nat and Lucas's deceased daughter show bruises across her limbs (which is due to her leukemia).
  • Downer Ending: Niamh has killed Nat and Lucas, as well as all of the children in town, and has set off with her two companions to "save" the rest of the children from abuse.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Niamh definitely falls in this category with her pale skin, dark hair, and her supernatural powers.
  • Mind over Matter: It's never specified where Niamh gets their powers, but it manifests in very violent poltergeist activity.
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  • Shoot the Dog: Niamh compels the children of the town to gather in the school, and then collapses the building on them, to save them from the abuse she's certain they will receive in their life.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Nat and Lucas had another daughter, who died of leukemia. Niamh innocently borrowing the photos from a cached album and keeping them under her bed leads to Nat slapping her in anger.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Niamh sees abuse in the world and sets out to avenge it.


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