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Dangerous Charm (Original title: Опасен чар [opasen char]) is a 1984 Bulgarian comedy film about the adventures of Gencho Gunchev, a scoundrel who woos various women to milk profits from them, always on the run from the police.

  • Borrowed Catch Phrase: How the agent who lures him into a Honey Trap let him know he's been caught:
    Agent Mateva: (referencing his tendency to play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata) We have a tapestry project going on. Music, notes, piano, and front and center - the composer...
    "Ilia Burevestnikov": Ludwig Van Beethoven?
    Agent Mateva: Frank. Lloyd. Wright.
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  • Brawn Hilda: One of the women he seduced (while posing as "Radul Misirkov"). She was heartbroken and recognizes him immediately, attacks him with a shovel and then turns him in.
  • Celebrity Lie: He boasts about being friends with world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright when he poses as an architect himself.
  • Gold Digger: A male version, seducing women for money, then dumping them when the mine runs dry.
  • In Medias Res: The opening scene is "Yastrebovski"'s last scam, after which he spends all his money at a cabaret bar and gets caught by his old nemesis.
  • Ladykiller in Love: His usual m. o. involves seducing women and then robbing them, and he's not attracted to those women. When he escapes captivity, he falls in love with a woman he seduces, but has to run away because her uncle is a police inspector who genuinely offered to have him looked up so they can find his "lost" passport.
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  • Lovable Rogue: He exploits this, appealing to women who then defend him and bust him out of difficult situations.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When he meets Boriana, he leaves without stealing anything from her, and she's the one woman he wanted to stay with because he fell in love.
  • Retirony: When he met Boryana, he fell in love and sincerely intended to quit his criminal activities and settle down... but her cop uncle most good-naturedly offered to have him looked up so they can help him find the passport he lied about losing so Boryana would take him home.
  • Theme Naming: The protagonist's aliases are all bird-based: Orelski, Pelikanski, Yastrebovski, Sokolov, Misirkov, Burevestnikov.
    The police inspector: There are over 6000 species of birds in the world. So we can't know his next reincarnation.
  • Trope Namer: In Bulgarian culture.
    • "Bad, Sedlarov, B-A-D!"
    • "Relative, cop, relative, cop"
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: He frequently appeals to women by acting like a playboy at first, then posing as a man who's wound up in trouble.

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