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Daddy Day Camp is a 2007 comedy film directed by Fred Savage. A loosely-associated sequel to Daddy Day Care, all returning characters were recast, with Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr.. assuming the lead role of Charlie Hinton, previously portrayed by Eddie Murphy.

Charlie Hinton and his best friend Phil (now played by Paul Rae), still running the day care center from the previous film, take their sons to the summer camp from their youth, Camp Driftwood, only to find it dilapidated and facing foreclosure. The neighboring Camp Canola, run by Jerkass Rich Bastard Lance (Lochlyn Munro), wants to buy the property. Charlie and Phil decide to buy the camp and raise enough revenue to save it within a month by having the kids from the day care center attend it.

When Lance challenges Camp Driftwood to an Olympiad and boasts that they can never win, Charlie's Drill Sergeant Nasty father Col. Buck Hinton (Richard Gant) is called in to raise the kids cadet style so they can beat the Canola kids at the Olympiad. Tension is raised between Charlie and Buck, to the point where Buck leaves the morning of the Olympiad so that the Driftwood kids refuse to participate after he hears Charlie badmouthing him, but then they reconcile and he comes back just in time. At the Olympiad, despite the Canola kids' cheating tactics, the Driftwood kids win. Camp Driftwood gets dozens of applications, and it is saved.

This film provides examples of:

  • Humiliation Conga: Lance gets one in the end when he's revealed to have been cheating at the Olympiad the whole time, his team loses, and then the rock climbing wall falls over and destroys Camp Canola's trophies. On top of that, a lot of Camp Canola's kids switch to Camp Driftwood due to his cheating.
  • Potty Failure: There's a seemingly tough Fat Bastard bully kid who in fact is only the way he is because he's insecure about wetting his bed.
  • You and What Army?: Buck and a group of kids come to Camp Canola to ask for their flag (which Camp Canola has taken) back. Two girls ask Lance. When he refuses, they threaten to take it. He says the phrase, and the rest of them emerge from the forest and pelt him with water balloons.