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Curse of Snakes Valley (Klątwa Doliny Węży) is a 1988 Polish-Russian movie, which is remembered in Poland as one of the worst movies ever made. Back in The '80s everyone wanted to make an Indiana Jones rip-off. Fortunately, there was a short story titled Hobby doktora Travena (Doctor Traven's Hobby), which had exactly the required type of plot. Needless to say, a adaptation got made. It was directed by Marek Piestrak who made several bad Science Fiction and Horror movies.


In 1954 evil American mercenary fighting in Vietnam stole a vase from a Buddhist monastery.

Thirty-four years later, in Paris, the mercenary approaches Jan Tarnas, a professor of Sorbonne, with a map that he found in the vase. As it turns out, the map is leading to an unknown temple. Then Christine Jauvert from France Soir is persuaded by a member of a Mega-Corp or The Conspiracy, controlled by a man called Breecher, to go with them. The whole crew heads out for Vietnam. After they reach Vietnam they meet a group of Russian scientists, then they meet the monks who help them to go into the temple, and then they encounter eye-beam shooting statues and snake-like creatures called the Second and Third Cuman.

There is an alien in the temple, then Traven steals another vase from the grave leaving Jan and Christine to death in the grave. They are saved by Russians and Traven is killed by a nameless agent, who is killed by a monk. Vase, Christine and Tarnas are kidnapped by The Conspiracy, Breecher examines the vase with one of the Russians, and gets mutated by a green liquid from it. Then is killed by The Cavalry and the guy who persuaded Christine to go into Vietnam, who talks to someone who is possibly Bigger Bad and goes with the liquid to another country, but then some smoke spreads across his plane. He falls asleep and plane goes into a black hole. Tarnas wakes up in his house. Christne tells him that it was All Just a Dream, and goes to a car. Then Tarnas flees from Hare Krishna saying "No More Asia".


This work contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: When Breecher mutates he is exterminated for that reason. We don't know if it was the case.
  • Retcon: Tarnas is shown on the cover of a newspaper, and is a professor of Sorbonne. Then he tells that he is not treated seriously by anyone.


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