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Real Men Dance

In 1987, 13-year-old Bruce Garrett was a salsa dancer with a shelf full of awards and a bright future in dancing. But just before his big break at the UK Junior Salsa Championships, a group of bullies gang up on Bruce and force him to eat the sequins off his dance shirt. Broken, Bruce burns his dance shoes and quits dancing.

Cut to 25 years later, adult Bruce (Nick Frost) is overweight, romantically unfulfilled, and works at an engineering company with his Jerkass partner Drew (Chris O'Dowd). Then their new American boss Julia (Rashida Jones) arrives and Bruce is almost instantly attracted to her. When Bruce learns that Julia likes to salsa, Bruce sees a way in...but can he get back into top dancing form before Drew makes good on his promise to make Julia his latest conquest? With help from his younger sister Sam (Olivia Colman), former coach Ron (Ian McShane), and fellow salsa dancer Benjan (Kayvan Novak), Bruce might have a chance.


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