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Film / Crash Goes The Hash

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"Are they miracle men or what?"
Fuller: Now, you get me a picture of Prince Shaam, and I’ll give you each a $100 bonus.
Curly: What good is a $100 bogus?
Larry: "Bonus", not "bogus". Don’t you know what bonus is?
Curly: Soitenly, it's Spanish. Bonus notches. Sí sí, señor.

In their 77th short, the Stooges are mistaken for news reporters of a rival newspaper company to Daily News. After receiving the job, they're tasked to get a photograph of the wealthy Prince Shaam of Ubeedarn. To do so, they infiltrate wealthy socialite Mrs. Van Bustle's home as caterers for her party. Hilarity Ensues.

This short provides examples of:

  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: The Stooges. Canapés consisting of peas and dog biscuits, anyone?
  • Fake Aristocrat: Prince Shaam is not a prince, but a crook, and the Stooges get him and Flint arrested in the end.
  • Malaproper: Curly, as usual.
    • On the subject of a $100 bonus.
      Fuller: Now you get me a picture of Prince Shaam, and I’ll give you each a $100 bonus.
      Curly: What good is a $100 bogus?
      Larry: "Bonus", not "bogus".
    • As the waiter serving "can of peas".
      Prince Shaam: Why, my dear, this caviar has turned green. It’s mildewed.
      Curly: That’s no calves’ ear, that’s can of peas!
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  • Meaningful Name: Prince Shaam really is a sham prince.
  • Punny Name: Fuller Bull.note 
  • Self-Deprecation: This exchange.
    Flint the Majordomo: Such levity. You remind me of the Three Stooges.
    Curly: Hey, that's an insult!
  • Swiss Cheese Security: The reporter’s majordomo fires talk about how they got beat within an inch of their lives because the prince has the place crawling with merciless guards. The Stooges are able to just walk through the back door and pretend to be servers, which they didn't know the house needed until they overheard the majordomo on the phone with a temp agency.
  • Who's on First?: The Stooges' entire confusion between canapés and can-'o-peas.
    Curly: Now what would he want with a can of peas?
    Moe: Not can of peas, canapés.
    Larry: Not canapés, can of peas! One of us is crazy and it’s not you.
    Moe: Right. Canapés; Hors d'oeuvres.
    Curly: Which one, can of peas or dervs? Make up your mind!
    Moe: You put ‘em on crackers. They give you an appetite like a horse.
    Curly: Oh, animal crackers.
    Moe: Yeah...
    [Moe eye-pokes Curly]
    Moe, to Larry: Go on, make the canapés.
    Curly: ...with animal crackers.
    [Moe grabs Curly's ear, then pulls out the camera and gives it to him]
    Moe: Listen, featherbrain! Take this camera. Keep your eyes open. The minute you see the prince, snap his picture. Make it a candid picture.
    Curly: Yeah, a candid picture of can of peas.
    Moe: Are you gonna start that again? I wish he would have made it chopped liver.