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"People say what are Underground Comics, and the best way to define them is the absolute freedom. That’s involved, and that is important. People forget that what it was all about. That’s why we did it. It's because we didn’t have anyone standing over us telling us ‘No you cant draw this, you can’t show that, you can’t make fun of Catholics, you can’t make fun of this or that’. We just drew whatever we wanted, and throughout the process we had to break every taboos first and get that over with. Drawing racist images, sexual perversions, making fun of authority figures, all of that and getting down with business. "
Robert Crumb on explaining what are Underground Comics.

Ever wondered how comic books began with its various amount of origins? This is the film that does that.

Ron Mann, previously known for the jazz documentary Imagine the Sound, decided to do a documentary film on comic books. Comic Book Confidential talks about the comics through the 1930s up to the 1980s, including interviews with a variety of cartoonists who talk about the origins of their creations as well the history of comics. The cartoonists are Will Eisner, Frank Miller, Stan Lee, Dan O’Neil, Harvey Pekar, Spain, William M. Gaines, Jamie Hernandez, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Shary Feleniken, Al Feldstein, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Paul Mavrides, Sue Coe, Charlie Burns, Lynda Barry, Victor Moscoso and Françoise Mouly. This film is a must-watch for comic book fans who are interested in how it all began.



  • Art Shift: It happens a lot in this movie, considering the fact there are different amount of comics that use a different art style.
  • Underground Comics: Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton fall into this. Included with the quote from Crumb above.


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