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Choo-Choo is a 1932 short in The Little Rascals series. In the beginning, the gang trades clothes with some runaway orphans so that they can ride and sleep on the train (which the orphans promised would have lots of food). Because the other orphans and their matron had to leave with the train on time, the kids (and Petey the Pitbull) are taken on another train by a child-hating station worker. The kids resolve to be as bad as possible when they hear him call them "brats", and Hilarity Ensues.


Tropes found in Choo Choo include:

  • Angry Guard Dog: Petey being a pitbull (which were known as nanny dogs back then), one of his jobs is to protect the kids, so he chases down a porter when Stymie tells him to.
  • Child Hater: The man who takes the kids says that he will never have children, because he believes that they were put on this earth to cause trouble. This series being what it is, he is sorely punished for that attitude by the gang deciding to act out on purpose.
  • Dodgy Toupee: The station worker's hairdo actually looks pretty convincing so long as it isn't messed with...
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: Naturally for this series, a monkey gets loose among the animal cages and lets all the animals out into the passenger car.
  • For the Funnyz: The joke salesman who gives the kids noisemakers while they're in their bunks probably did it for this, since he seems to have no other motivation. He's shown to be stifling laughter in the bathroom once shit hits the fan.
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  • Friend to All Children: Alternatively, the salesman might just feel bad that the kids are stuck with a grumpy minder, and that's why he gave them all the toys.
  • The Pen Is Mightier: One of the boys accidentally(?) shoots their minder with ink.
  • Wholesome Cross Dresser: One of the boys gets paid a dollar by a girl to switch clothes with her, and then her mom mistakes him for her and panics upon noticing.

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