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Film / Catching Trouble

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Ross Allen pursues a bear cub while the MST3K crew watches helplessly.

Catching Trouble is a short demonstrating naturalist Ross Allen bravely confronting and removing dangerous animals off of human territory-No, wrong film.

Catching Trouble is a short demonstrating naturalist Ross Allen going out and bullying several animals and then dragging them back to human civilization. When nature tries to protect its animals, it is torn asunder and murdered as well. Meanwhile, narrator Ted Husing makes cracks about the tormented animals like there's no tomorrow. Unlike the Long Weekend, there is a sad ending.

For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, please go to the episode recap page.



  • Dull Surprise: Ross, with dull everything else.
    Crow: Ross is no actor, as you can see.
  • Great White Hunter: Or catcher.
  • Have a Gay Old Time: A couple of times, the narrator refers to Ross as "My boyfriend".
  • Jerkass: Back then, Ross Allen probably seemed like a swell guy. Today though...
  • Kick the Dog: It seems that at least a few of the scenes were staged solely to let us watch Ross exert his power over the animals, like the bear cub escaping from the boat.
    Joel: Oh, there just happened to be a camera underwater, right?
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Its name is Ross and it will have its Indian guide chop a tree down just to get at a bobcat.
  • Worked Shoot:
    • Presented as a documentary, but features scenes obviously set up ahead of time, such as the cameras just happening to be underwater as the bear cubs just happen to jump off the boat.
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    • At one point bear cubs immediately start drinking from a milk bottle when Ross offers it—only trained bears would do that. Wild bears wouldn't know what to do with it. (Which is a good thing, cause otherwise it would probably mean Ross shot their mom offscreen.)