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Camila is a 1984 film from Argentina, directed by Maria Luisa Bemberg.

It tells the Real Life story of Camila O'Gorman. Camila is a 20-year-old socialite living in Buenos Aires in 1847. Her father wants to marry her off to a dull aristocrat, but rebellious Camila, who likes to read banned books, dreams of marrying for love. Camila is also rebellious in that, unlike her father, she opposes the oppressive dictatorship of military strongman Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Into this mix comes Father Ladislao Gutiérrez, a handsome young Jesuit priest. Camila notices his handsomeness, but she is really impressed when Ladislao gives an impassioned sermon opposing the murders and other abuses of the Rosas regime. Their mutual attraction develops into a full-blown love affair, despite Ladislao's overwhelming guilt about breaking his vows. Eventually, the young lovers run away together, but tragedy strikes.


  • Auto Erotica: Or the 19th century equivalent thereof, as Camila and Ladislao have sex inside a carriage.
  • Confessional: Camila confesses a sex dream to a distressed Ladislao there. Later, confessional is where she first reveals that she loves him.
  • Downer Ending: Camila and Ladislao are executed.
  • Fiery Redhead: Camila, the rebellious iconoclast who runs off with a priest, has red hair.
  • The Ghost: Juan Manuel de Rosas, who is discussed at length and who eventually hands down a death sentence on Camila and Ladislao, but is never seen.
  • I Regret Nothing: "I don't regret anything", says Camila to Ladislao, when he's been recognized by a traveler and it becomes clear they're going to get arrested soon.
  • Meet Cute: Camila is playing blind-mans-bluff when Father Ladislao wanders into the party. She thinks he's someone she knows, so she winds up feeling up his face.
  • A Minor Kidroduction: The opening scene shows Camila as a child, greeting her grandmother, who's been put in house arrest for having an affair with the viceroy.
  • Mononymous Biopic Title: Camila
  • Morning Sickness: How we find out that Camila is pregnant, when she upchucks into a bucket in her cell.
  • The Pampas: The famous Argentinian flatland, where the lovers attempt to take new identities and hide. Tragedy comes when Ladislao has a random encounter with a priest that recognizes him.
  • Sexy Priest: Father Ladislao sure is handsome.
  • A Taste of the Lash: For a while, Father Ladislao attempts to deal with his attraction to Camila by doing this.
  • Tally Marks on the Prison Wall: Camila is doing this after her confinement stretches for weeks.
  • Together in Death: Camila and Ladislao are executed together and get thrown into the same wooden box.