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C Me Dance is a 2009 Christian film written, directed by, and co-starring Greg Robbins and is produced by Uplifting Entertainment.

17-year-old Sheri is an aspiring dancer who develops leukemia. She begins to feel angry at her father and at God, while her father seeks help to rekindle her relationship with God and re-focus on her dreams to perform in the Pittsburgh Ballet. She is ultimately graced with the power to convert others to Christianity via her touch. Along the way, Satan intimidates Sheri through things like nightmare sequences and demonically possessing semis.

C Me Dance received mostly negative reviews, resulting in a 0% score at Rotten Tomatoes. Luke Thompson of the L.A. Weekly said that it "plays like a fake Christian movie Troy McClure might end up starring in on an episode of The Simpsons, though it’s apparently for real." However, Christian organizations, such as Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association, gave it more positive scores.




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