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Film / BUCKETHEADS: A Star Wars Story

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It's their story now
BUCKETHEADS is a Star Wars Fan Film from the Stormtroopers' perspective.

The full film was released to YouTube on December 8, 2018 and can be found here.

The creators are planning on expanding to a full series. The trailer for Season 1 can be found here.

The Fan-film contains the following examples:

  • Both Sides Have a Point: The rebel prisoner claims that the rebels are just women and children which the Empire slaughtered. The Stormtrooper, 423, who was actually there, recounts that these rebels attacked first and killed several colony members, and the Empire is just defending them.
  • Cliffhanger: The movie ends with this with 423 letting his old friend to escape, leaving the Rebel general to him. Meanwhile, the fate of 53 is unknown after being shot by the rebel prisoner.
  • Crash Course Landing: An Imperial transport gets shot down by Imperial forces. Some of them survived, kick starting the movie.
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  • Drawing Straws: Due to the high desertion rate after the events of Return of the Jedi, the Empire has introduced decimation. Nova Squad is selected for punishment not because any of them deserted, but because they failed to stop others from doing so. The stormtroopers have to select colored pebbles from a bag—black for life, white for death. Sergeant Coven picks the latter and is about to be shot on the spot when Nova Squad receives a Last-Minute Reprieve from Emperor Rax (on condition that they arrest a defector who used to be their commanding officer) so she keeps the white pebble as a reminder of the second chance she was given.
  • Impeded Communication: 212 discovers Rebels and attempts to call for his squad only for the enemy jam the communications. This leads 212 to remove his helmet and warn them before being shot.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy:
    • Surpisingly averted. Nova Squad is one of the most competent Stormtroopers in Star Wars history.
    • Lampshaded when Rico taunts 423 to go ahead and shoot him because he'd probably miss anyway.
  • Marked Bullet: A Freeze-Frame Bonus shows the grenade thrown to escape the ambush has 501 carved on it, implying that Nova Squad are part of Vader's Fist.
  • Parrot Pet Position: Sergeant Coven keeps her droid on a shoulder mount.
  • We Used to Be Friends: 423 and Rico were once friends but now they are fighting from the opposite sides.
  • You Rebel Scum!: The ground-fighting scene on Endor opens with a female stormtrooper shouting, "Die, rebel scum!"
  • X Meets Y: The first featurette for the film describes it as Band of Brothers meets Star Wars.