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Film / Big Bird In China

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A collaboration between Children's Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop) and China Central Television, Big Bird in China is a 1983 Made-for-TV Movie set in the Sesame Street universe. It's one of two Eastern-themed 'travelogues' from the 80s, the other (and a semi-sequel) being Big Bird In Japan.

After being sent on what seems at first to be a Snipe Hunt by an old Chinese woman in Chinatown, New York City, Big Bird, naturally being interested in other birds, sets off for the real China to find the legendary "Phoenix bird". Being an Innocently Insensitive Cheerful Child who is quite Literal-Minded at times, Big Bird at first has some trouble interpreting the scroll that the old woman gives him as a guide, but he encounters a little girl to aid him in his quest.


Barkley, of course, tags along, and has several interesting interactions with a certain mischievous mythological demigod. A couple of Big Bird's other Muppet friends also want to come along, but take a somewhat different route.

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