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Film / Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens

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A 1979 B Exploitation Film directed by Russ Meyer.


The movie starts with introductions to the people of Small Town, USA. Among them are the huge breasted evangelical radio preacher Eufaula Roop (Ann Marie) who mounts Martin Bormann inside a coffin; a salesman who gives oral pleasure to a large breasted housewife (Candy Samples); and the very large African American Junkyard Sal (June Mack) who sleeps with her working class employees. Finally, there is Lamar, who anally rapes his large breasted wife Lavonia (Kitten Natividad) after she tries having vaginal sex. Afterwards, she kicks him in the groin.


While Lamar heads off to his junkyard work, Lavonia spots a young man skinny dipping in a lake. She sneaks off and undresses, then jumps the boy from behind and proceeds to mount and rape him. The young man soon escapes, but she dives down, catches him underwater by giving him oral sex and then overpowers him. After he succumbs to her, she learns his name is Rhett and that he is fourteen. Later on, the aforementioned salesman comes to her home and she ends up having sex with him, too.

Meanwhile, Lamar, who previously turned down Junkyard Sal's invitation for sex, gets called to her office where she meets him in her underwear. She locks him inside and threatens to fire him if he does not succumb to her. Lamar, who we are told needs money for correspondent school, lies down on her bed. She forces herself on him in numerous sexual positions. After a while, she lets Lamar have anal sex with her and gives in when a suddenly enthusiastic Lamar stops her from continuing into other positions. Lamar then spots fellow employees peeping from the window. He breaks open the door and beats them up. Junkyard Sal then fires the peepers and Lamar for being "perverts".


Lamar goes to a bar, where Lavonia masks herself as Mexican stripper Lola Langusta and drugs his drink. In a motel room, Lavonia rapes the unconscious Lamar — by first triggering an erection via oral sex and then by finally having vaginal sex with him using a sock as protection. She frees him to test if she changed his ways, but he runs away. Back home, Lavonia has sex with a truck driver. As she checks the clock smiling, Lamar returns. A fight ensues and Lavonia helps Lamar by burning the truck driver's scrotum with a light bulb.

Lamar takes Lavonia and himself into dentist/marriage counselor Asa Lavender (Robert Pearson). After the dentist takes Lavonia to the dental room, his nurse Flovilla kisses Lamar. As the dentist hurts Lavonia's teeth and she counters by grabbing his crotch painfully, Lamar rapes the nurse. The doctor then switches places with the nurse. When seeing Lamar still has his pants down, the doctor tries to rape him, but Lamar hides in the closet. While the nurse and Lavonia have sex using the nurse's double-ended dildo, the doctor uses various weapons to force Lamar out of the closet. Lamar eventually beats the doctor up and interrupts Lavonia and the nurse. An arrangement of Stranger in Paradise is played in the background throughout the dentist scene.


Lamar decides his cure lies in faith. After dropping him off at the radio station (a power station), Lavonia goes home and has sex once again with the truck driver. Lamar takes his pants off in front of Eufaula Roop's booth and reveals an erection. She immediately goes off the air. When Lamar tells her he wants to be saved, she sends him to her cleansing room (a bathroom) while she changes clothes. Lamar lies inside a water-filled bathtub as a robe wearing Eufaula Roop stands above him and baptizes (and almost drowns) him. Suddenly she takes her robe off, sits down on him and rapes him, all the while preaching to her listeners about his salvation. Lamar heads off home, punches the truck driver and has vaginal sex with Lavonia who is overjoyed because of this.

After Eufaula Roop leans back on her chair and moans, the teenager Rhett climbs from under her desk and she takes him to the bathtub.

The narrator heads off to his own home, where the teenager Rhett, his son, has sex with the narrator's huge-breasted younger Austrian wife, Super Soul (Uschi Digard), during an earthquake.

"Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens Trope!":

  • All Women Are Lustful: Every woman in the movie is portrayed as very sexual, lustful and promiscuous.
    • Lavonia is in love with her husband Lamar, but because he is fixiated on analsex (to her dismay) she takes several lovers to get what she wants, the garbage man Peterbuilt, the 14-year old Rhett and the salesman Semper Fidelis. She even has sex with Nurse Flovilla Thatch using a double-ended dildo.
    • Nurse Flovilla Thatch is very interested in Lamar when he comes with Lavonia to Dr. Lavender, while his wife is on the dentist chair Flovilla approaches him in an obvious manner, kisses him, arouses him despite his warnings. The result is that Lamar penetrates Flovilla anally, while she's loudly pointing out that this is not what she wanted. After Lamar is finished and falls back, he caughts the interest of Dr. Lavender, and while he's hiding from him in a closet Flovilla approaches Lavonia on the chair and the two begin having sex with a double ended dildo.
  • Black Comedy Rape: A rape is undoubtly one of the most despicable things that can happen, nevertheless in a Russ Meyer movie it's depicted in a different light and has no bad consequences!
    • Lamar is focused on analsex, to the dismay of every woman who wants to have sex with him, and he forces himself on them even if they want vaginal sex. Lavonia later rapes him disguised as a stripper to change his taste, finally Eufola Roop rapes him in a bathtub as well, so that he finally begins enjoying vaginal sex with his wife Lavonia.
    • After spotting the youth Rhett skinny dipping in a lake Lavonia takes advantage of this and sneaks up to him, tries to mount him against his will which is rape. And after overpowering him with oralsex they both end up having passionate sex, basicly Lavonia becomes his teacher and the one who turns him into a man.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: After Lavonia and Rhett have finished their sexual encounter and say goodbye to each other Lavonia breaks the fourth wall and addresses the viewer directly. She says "Rhett's got a lot size for his size!", meaning that Rhett must have a big penis!
  • Gag Penis: Nurse Flovilla possesses a double ended dildo that she later uses together with Lavonia.
  • Going Commando: Lavonia never wears underwear below her dress, only when she disguises herself as Lola Langusta she has some.
  • Hands-On Approach: During their encounter Lavonia teaches Rhett apparently everything necessary to please a woman, even if she's only seen riding him and letting him touch her body and kiss her breasts!
  • Mrs. Robinson: Lavonia becomes this for Rhett who was, after all what was seen, a male virgin before she came on him.
  • Sex as Rite-of-Passage: Lavonia turns the male virgin Rhett into a man.
  • Sex God: After Lavonia turned him into a man Rhett is hungry for more sexual experiences, like with Eufaula Roop and his stepmother Super Soul.
  • Sex Goddess: Lavonia! She's a lustfull, busty and attractive woman with a huge appetite for sex, unfortunately her husband Lamar is focused on analsex, therefore she has sex with several other men and a woman, but tries hard to get her husband to have sex with her vaginally, which she gets at the end of the movie.
  • Skinny Dipping: Rhett is doing that in the lake, until Lavonia sneeks up and "convinces" him to have sex with her.
  • To the Tune of......: When Lavonia sneaks on to Rhett, who is totally unaware of her, the background music changes to a tune similar to the one of JAWS!
  • Two-Person Pool Party: After Lavonia has overpowered and "convinced" Rhett the two have passionate sex in the lake.
  • Wakeup Makeup: Lavonia dives underwater to catch Rhett after he manages to escape her for a moment, after she resurfaces her eye shadow is still perfect! And her wet hair is just moments later dry again and perfectly in shape.