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Film / Baśń O Ludziach Stąd

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"Here" we have shiny cars, shiny houses, clean clothes. And stuff. Lots of stuff people "There" do perfectly well without. They eke out a living gathering trash, so they've a lot of time for friendship, philosophy, enjoyment of simple pleasures. The things that give life meaning.

It's not like they have no problems, obviously. The biggest of these (in many ways) is the Chairman, the ruler of "There", who's rich enough to live "Here" but "There" he's the boss.


Baśń o ludziach stąd translation , a No Budget Black Comedy independent movie full of Word Salad Philosophy and amateur actors/comedians from Zielona Góra. Written and directed by Władysław Sikora, can be watched on the Internet (Google it).

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