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Film / Bad Grandpa

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A 2013 comedy/hidden camera prank film, starring Jackass alum Johnny Knoxville.

Curmudgeonly old coot Irving Zisman has just received some tragic news. His wife of 40 plus years has passed away...and Irving couldn't be happier. He's a free man for the first time in decades, and he's going to enjoy every second of it. But fate throws a monkey wrench into this plan. Irving's daughter is headed to jail (again) for drug charges, leaving her 8-year-old son Billy with nobody to take care of him. So, much to his dismay, Irving has to haul Billy across the country to North Carolina, and drop him off with his scumbag dad. Along the way, Irving finds himself oddly growing attached to Billy, and vice versa.

It now has the noteworthy achievement of being the first and so far the only Jackass film nominated for an Academy Award, in this case for Best Makeup And Hairstylingnote .


Not to be confused with Dirty Grandpa starring Robert De Niro.



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