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Film / Ayoy Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Doctor Jekyll, a brilliant scientist, in his conviction that Chemistry Can Do Anything, has just invented a potion that makes good people bad and bad people good. No more trouble with psychopaths! Being serious about science, he tests the potion on himself.

Predictably, his Shadow Archetype emerges and goes on a spree of smashing innocent arthropods, shouting slightly vile words at random people and generally bothering everyone.


And then, just as he begins to enjoy his new life, the police start looking for him...

An (we use the term, very, very loosely) adaptation of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Władysław Sikora and Studio A'yoy, filmed in Zielona Góra doubling for London. Which in the book was doubling for Edinburgh. A shining example of Sikora school of directing ("Just run around a lot").

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