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Asako I & II is a 2018 Japanese romantic drama by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi based on a novel by Tomoka Shibasaki.

Asako is a young woman who first is a student in Osaka. One day she starts dating an excentric man named Baku, who suddenly disappears. Two days later, she has moved to Tokyo without telling most friends from Osaka, and she meets a man named Ryohei, who looks exactly like Baku (and indeed they are played by the same actor). She starts dating him, without him knowing that he looks exactly like her first love. Five days later, as they live together, Asako learns that Baku is now a celebrity and gets an opportunity to find him.



  • Burning the Ships: When Asako leaves Ryohei, she has a short phone conversation with a friend they had in commonn, to whom she says she will never come back; then she throws her phone onto the highway.
  • Identical Stranger: Baku and Ryohei are this to each other.
  • Lost in Translation: When Asako first meets Ryohei, she calls him Baku. He seems to believed that she called him a tapir and feels insulted.
  • Love at First Sight: Between Osaka and Baku.
  • Love Confession: Ryohei makes one to Asako after several awkward interactions.
  • Old Flame: Baku to Asako, after seven years of being The One That Got Away.
  • Switching P.O.V.: Asako is the protagonist in the first part when she meets Baku. Then as she meets Ryohei, we are shown his point of view as she act in a very strange manner. When she finds out that Baku is around, the POV is hers again and we no longer know what the men think.


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