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Film / Apartment Zero

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Don't worry. He'll clean the carpet.

"He could be anyone. Perhaps someone you know. Someone in your family. Someone you work with. Someone you trust. Even your next door neighbor. "
Newscaster, Apartment Zero

Apartment Zero is a 1988 Argentine-British thriller written by Martin Donovan.

Colin Firth plays Adrian Du Luc, a reclusive, finicky man who loves movies. When his revival theater starts losing money, he decides to advertise for a room mate. Jack Carney (Hart Bochner), a handsome American who bears a resemblance to James Dean, answers the ad.

Adrian's mother is sick, and her health starts to get worse. One of Adrian's employees uses the theater to show footage that will help people identify war criminals for the authorities. Jack gets along well with the new neighbors.

Everything seems fine, at first. But Adrian is clingy and possessive. The neighbors are suspicious. And a killer is stalking the streets of Buenos Aries.




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