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Ang Probinsyano (lit. The Man from the Province) is a 1997 Philippine action film by Fernando Poe, Jr. who plays a double role as his twin brother. The film became a box office hit, spawning a sequel entitled Ang Pagbabalik ng Probinsyano with Poe reprising his role.

It follows the story of Kardo, a cop from the province, assuming the identity of his twin brother Ador, who was killed in a drug bust operation after he was betrayed by a fellow officer. His superior devises a plan for his twin brother to capture the drug syndicate and the corrupt policemen responsible for his death.

Now has a series reboot starring Coco Martin that began airing in 2015.


This movie contains the following tropes:

  • Angsty Surviving Twin: Kardo is saddened over Ador's death, especially since they were estranged for twenty years and never got the chance to reconcile.
  • Backup Twin: Played for Drama. His superior, Police Col. Bernardo, devised the plan in an attempt to stir up the drug syndicate , until Lily, Ador's wife, realized the ruse.
  • Betty and Veronica: Graceful widow Lily and Single Mom Stripper Carmen, respectively.
  • Billed Above the Title: Fernando Poe, Jr., naturally.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Most of the action scenes have these, except in the final shoot-out when Kardo faces Major Sandoval.
  • The Cameo:
    • Frequent FPJ collaborator and "goon" actor Romy Diaz has a cameo as Ben, a prisoner who the syndicate bosses temporarily have released to kill Kardo. Predictably, he fails.
    • FPJ's ex-brother-in-law and frequent collaborator Bob Soler also has a small role as the syndicate boss.
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  • Cartwright Curse: Kardo is a widower, and later his relationship with Carmen is cut short after she was killed.
  • Cool Uncle: Kardo seems to get along fine with his nephew Jerry.
  • Corrupt Cop: Maj. Sandoval is in cahoots with the drug syndicate and is one of the primary antagonists.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: Kardo being assigned to be Ador's Backup Twin is the premise of the film's first half.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Carmen dies in Kardo's arms after being stabbed.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Kardo did not end up with either Lily or Carmen.
  • Disappeared Dad: Both Jerry and Menchie are missing their respective fathers. The former's was killed in the prologue, while the latter has no explanation over his disappearance.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: In Santa Marcela, Kardo shoots all of the bandits in the eatery so fast that not a single bandit was able to shoot back. Also in the indoor shooting range scene, Police Sgt. Halili mocked Kardo for being the man from the province. He calls him back by borrowing Police Col. Bernardo's pistol and shoot the target, all in the bull's eye in the center mass, and walks away.
  • Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Carmen is a quintessential Single Mom Stripper but is Kardo's most loyal friends (and eventual lover).
  • Ms. Fanservice: Carmen is a Hooker with a Heart of Gold while Lily herself is a tall and beautiful woman. There are also several Fanservice Extras providing Walking Swimsuit Scenes.
  • One-Man Army: A classic staple of any FPJ film. Kardo is capable of defeating multiple opponents by himself
  • Promotion to Parent: Kardo becomes Menchie's legal father after Carmen's death.
  • Protagonist Title: The eponymous man from the province is Kardo.
  • Put on a Bus: Lily and Jerry don't show up in the sequel, with Kardo explaining that they've gone to America, allowing Kardo to use their house during a return to Manila when Menchie gets kidnapped. Averted with Ador and Kardo's old superior and contact from the first film.
  • Revenge of the Sequel: Ang Pagbabalik ng Probinsyano literally means The Return of the Man from the Province).
  • Single Mom Stripper: Carmen has a daughter without a husband or partner in sight (until Kardo) working as an entertainer.