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Film / An Interesting Story

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An Interesting Story is a 1905 black-and-white short silent British comedy directed by Scottish photographer and pioneer in British filmmaking James Williamson.

The film follows the exploits of a man engrossed in a novel he's reading as he goes about his day tripping over maids, bumping into people on the street, and, eventually, getting run over by a steamroller.

Notable for being one of the very earliest Slapstick films, it was also one of the first films to offer a narrative, as well as a shift from the then-dominant "pictorial" way of photography, to a more natural method of filming.

You can watch it here.


An Interesting Story contains examples of:

  • Hollywood Healing: Despite being flattened by a steamroller, after being reinflated the man just gets back up and keeps walking and reading.
  • Stop Trick: Used right as the man is about to get run over by a steamroller and right after he's reinflated.
  • Squashed Flat: The climax of the movie involves the protagonist getting run over by a steamroller, flattened, and then pumped back up to continue on his way.