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Film / A Royal Christmas

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A 2014 American Made-for-TV Movie Holiday Romance film directed by Alex Zamm that has a young woman (Lacey Chabert) traveling with her boyfriend (Stephen Hagan) to meet her parents, discovering he is the heir to the throne.

The movie also stars Jane Seymour (Actress), Katherine Flynn, Simon Dutton, Mitchell Mullen, Katrina Nare, and Diana Dumitrescu.

It aired on November 21, 2014 on the Hallmark Channel.

Tropes for the film:

  • Anachronistic Orphanage: Halfway through the movie, Emily visits one of these when venturing out into the city by herself.
  • British Royal Guards: Leo and Emily do everything they can to get a reaction out of the royal guards, who of course, stand impassively no matter what. They do break into huge grins at the end, when the couple marry.
  • Snow Means Love: It snows in Cordina for the first time in a century after Crown Prince Leo marries Emily.