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  • MAG-ISA — (subversion) Claudita is a red-head but violence is always her last resort.
  • Oasis from Sluggy Freelance. She tends to alternate between extreme giddiness (usually when Torg acts nice to her) and extreme jealousy and rage (usually when something comes between her and Torg). Justified since these emotions were programmed into her by Dr. Steve. In addition, she's frequently accompanied by fire-related motifs such as The Phoenix. It turns out that "fiery" is literal; she's pyrokinetic.
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  • Kestrel from Queen of Wands.
  • White Mage from 8-Bit Theater.
  • Catalina from El Goonish Shive. Her catchphrase is "JACKASSES!", and when angered, she's loud enough to make aliens in outer space pause and ask "What was that noise?"
    • Nanase. Just Nanase.
  • Wildy San from Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures.
  • Georgia's best friend Rita in Fine Sometimes Rain is a fiery redhead who is always ready to defend her friends.
  • Princess Voluptua from The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!.
  • Surma from Gunnerkrigg Court. Her daughter, Antimony, also has some of this personality, but it's almost completely tempered by her stoicism. Annie has an associated fire motif, since she has a talent for etherically manipulating fire with the blinker stone. And it's eventually revealed Surma and Annie are both descended from a fire elemental.
    Reynardine: (To Antimony) Haha! Well, you may have everyone fooled with your stoic facade, but not me! You have a fire in you, child, a fire that belonged to your mother!
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  • Samantha from Molten Blade, both a fiery redhead and the intended meaning.
  • Monica Villareal from Wapsi Square, although in comparison to her friend Shelly or the golem girls, she doesn't particularly stick out in terms of fieryness.
  • Ratheel of Juathuur is a male example.
  • Sixx from Collar 6.
  • Fyre from the The Beast Legion fit's the trope perfectly. Not only does she have read hair but is a fire bending master.
  • Trawn from Electric Wonderland, the red-headed editor-in-chief of the Nettropolis Free Press, expresses strong passions for news reporting and keeping her friends/employees safe, although she also has a bit of a temper sometimes.
  • Miriam from Out There.
  • Scarlet 'Red' Macrumble from Girls in Space.
  • Tailii from Comic Shorts.
  • Haley Starshine from The Order of the Stick. "Sneak attack- BITCH!"
    • Haley is a bit of a subversion: she suffers from considerable self-loathing and feels it necessary to hide her true feelings much of the time, believing people wouldn't like her if they really knew her.
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  • Bob in Bob and George.
  • Dave from Homestuck, sort of - he was frequently assumed to be by the fanbase (possibly even given a nod on one of Hussie's Formsprings), but after the reveal that he and Rose are siblings, the fanbase eventually agreed on blonde. Hussie's current stance on the issue is that Dave's hair color is whatever you want it to be, so he can still be a Fiery Redhead if you want.
  • Alexander Hamilton from The Dreamer.
  • The eponymous main character of Sarah Zero is an example of this. Sarah is headstrong, loud, and the guitarist in a rock band.
  • Layla from Far Out There most definitely qualifies.
  • Freija from The Senkari is implied to be this.
  • Anja Baker from Regular Guy. Though she mostly keeps it on a low simmer, she is also the character least likely to put up with BS.
  • Benny of Looking for Group is a hot, redheaded troll with a very short temper. She happily beats the living daylights out of anyone that irritates her...and she's a priestess.
  • Dana, "Cookie's Elle-Boy Rival" in the Jet Dream "It's Cookie!" spinoff Remix Comics. He's modeled on Chili Storm from Millie the Model.
  • Scar from Cordless, to a T.
  • SKO and TKO from Elf Blood are normally generally quite calm and reserved, even kindly. Get them in the same room together and watch their tempers flare.
  • Marron, the eggroll/bondage emporium waitress turned artist, from Voodoo Walrus is an example of this as her introduction involves threatening a co-worker with an iron maiden and then smashing a phone book into the skull of one of the main characters when he gets a little too blatant with his flirtations.
    • Mac could be seen as another example of this, but it's been over a year since she was last depicted with her natural red hair color.
  • Mal from Head Trip. She can be calm, rational, and logical, but she is definitely a Heroic Sociopath and a lot more fun when she's being violent to the stupid people.
  • Ash and (to a lesser extent) Missi from Misfile.
  • Red in Red's Planet. A particular Berserk Button is being called Red.
  • Melissa Thayer, a fox scientist from Outworld. She's nice most of the time, but she has her moments.
  • Nin Wah the red panda from Commander Kitty, who sports a fiery Furry Female Mane and will destroy you if you press her Berserk Button.
  • The titular character of Nimona definitely qualifies, despite being a sidekick to Noble Demon Ballister Blackheart, she's certainly more bloodthirsty and energetic than her superior. Being a shapeshifter, her red hair doubles as her Morphic Resonance, giving her forms an overall red tone.
  • Slightly Damned: Azurai. Just... Azurai. He kills completely on a whim or whenever he's bored, and he swears so much, it would make sailors blush. His commanding officer Iratu is just barely able to keep him in line. Bonus points for him being a fire-based demon.
  • Autumn Pingo from Precocious often displays herself as innocent and sweet towards strangers and adults, but she has been shown to have a short fuse and can lose control of her impulses when she is upset, but also seems to be very passionate about succeeding in competitions.
  • Guy from Two Guys and Guy. She once said only considers Wayne her friend because she only dislikes him mildly. She had to take happy pills for her anger issues. And she said she hoped Wayne was dead for using the word "literally" wrong among other things.
  • Cinna Grossul from Pacificators. She swears like a sailor, and always flips off her arch-nemesis/teammate Muneca Powell. To top it off, she has Playing with Fire powers… and if she's not careful, she'll become a literal fiery redhead.
  • Absolute Hot Sister: Ellen, of the Deuteragonist Character Title She's the young sister of the protagonist Kevin who not-so-secretly has a crush on her and always does his not-so-best effort to resist his incestuous feelings.
  • Tyler Dawn from morphE. Long red hair, a hot temper and a pathological need to prove himself, despite being surrounded by people who are better than him in many respects.
  • Richard Dark from "Xenospora" is one. The first time we see him is when he's yelling at his colleague.
  • Breaker from Break is a gal with lovely crimson locks...who will not hesitate to pound you into the ground with Ki-Powered martial arts if you get on her nerves
  • Main character Amaltea, in Sword Princess Amaltea, is temperamental, easily enraged and outspoken and has red hair to match her personality.
  • Girl Genius has most of the members of the extended Valois clan that have been seen so far, all with the same shade of red hair. Although some are more level-headed than others, they've all had their moments of madness - Violetta directed against Tarvek, Tarvek directed against Zola, Xerxsephnia directed against a teacup (but actually against Agatha), and Martellus directed against a whole lot of people.
  • Anna Galactic: Foxglove is both red-haired and passionate for any actions.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Sigrun, a Blood Knight with No Indoor Voice who comes from a country that returned to viking ways After the End.
  • Sally from Sleepless Domain is a quite literal case of this, as while she has a temper and was described in the character sheet as the most excitable and emotional member of Team Alchemical, the only reason she's a redhead is because she literally has fire powers-before awakening as Alchemical Fire, she had black hair. It's also deconstructed a bit: her fractious temper ends up being an Unwitting Instgator Of Doom when she starts to complain about Tessa being leader. Tessa sits out one night to teach them a lesson, and the resulting tragedy leaves Undine the only member of the team left to fight, with Tessa giving up her powers and Sally, Gwen and Sylvia dead.

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