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  • In Attack on Titan, the Beast Titan politely asks Mike about his equipment and removes it without harming him. He then proceeds to tell the other Titans that they may have their way with him, since he's finished with his business.
    • It turns out that this is also the case for the Beast Titan's human host, Zeke Yeager, and is part of how he managed to gain the trust of the Marleyan military.
  • Berserk: Griffith is a charming, charismatic leader of the Band of the Hawks, developing close bonds with them and receiving Undying Loyalty in turn. Which is just as he expects considering he can't handle Guts leaving the Hawks and reacts with trying to kill him. In actuality Griffith has no qualms with crossing any line so long as it pushes him up the political ladder and it's implied that his heroic actions and personality prior to the Eclipse were purely for PR. During the Eclipse, we see all that charisma and friendship he has with the Hawks go out the window when he sacrifices them to the Godhand, showing no emotion other than something resembling rage towards Guts in all the mayhem he causes as he spitefully forces Guts to watch as he rapes Casca while his friends are all murdered and devoured around him.
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  • Chang from Black Lagoon, who is openly friendly with the Lagoon Company. During his Breaking Speech moment with Rock, he reveals that his friendliness doesn't mean a thing.
  • Bleach:
    • Big Bad Aizen. Sure, he pretends to be a charming, laid-back guy, but in reality, he's just being condescending; other people are insignificant insects to him and he doesn't hesitate to tell them this, when he doesn't need them anymore. When he realizes Urahara's smarter than he is and Ichigo's a lot stronger than he is, the Mr. Nice Guy -act goes right out the window.
    • Tsukishima, in contrast to his Card-Carrying Villain partner, Ginjo. He acts polite and serene almost all the time, even while he Mind Rapes people with Fake Memories. When someone suffers a mental breakdown due to conflicting memories, the facade drops, revealing a sadistic monster.
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    • Quilge is a sadistic Quincy commander who, in the Japanese version, talks in polite speech when addressing his opponents and talking about the bad things he plans to do.
  • Blood+:
    • Diva kills lots of people, drinks others' blood, rapes and kills a boy to impregnate herself, all while singing, prancing around in a white dress, and laughing childishly.
    • Karl Fei-Ong can also be quite polite and cordial, particularly in his public persona as the Chairman of Le Lycee du Cinq Fleches, but beneath it all is an Ax-Crazy beast.
  • In Brave10, Hanzo is 100% evil, but he's sees no need for rudeness and is quite a polite speaker, even when describing how he likes to torture and kill people.
  • Muska from the Studio Ghibli movie Castle in the Sky fits this trope to a T. He pretends to be an affable, trustworthy man in service of the government, until he reveals he intended to use Laputa as his personal battle ship to dominate the world. He turns downright scary when the protagonists appear to foil his plot.
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  • Buso Renkin: At the beginning of the series, Koushaku Chouno acts charismatic and polite, but it is still obvious that this is hiding a twisted, self-serving insanity. After his defeat by Kazuki, however, Papillonnote  begins to undergo character development, first becoming Affably Evil before eventually turning into an Anti-Villain for the second half of the series.
  • Children of the Whales: The blood-thirsty Liontari.
  • Claymore: Riful calmly greets people and tries to recruit them. If the diplomacy fails, she tortures them to try and make them undergo a Face–Heel Turn, awaken, and develop powers, claiming she wants them to be friends with her. If the awakened power proves useless to her however, she will kill them.
  • Genma from the second season of Darker Than Black is a pretty laid back guy who initially seems to be Plucky Comic Relief and keeps that attitude even after it becomes clear that he is a vicious psychopath. The first indication of his Faux Affably Evil nature is a train hijacking he does, wherein to create a distraction, he runs down tons of people and shouts out something like (paraphrased) "All aboard" with the mangled corpse of the actual conductor beside him. Also fitting this trope is the fact that while he's clearly a Depraved Bisexual pedophile, he expresses this through behavior and commentary that is disturbingly similar to your typical Lovable Sex Maniac.
  • Light Yagami of Death Note remains consistently polite and well-mannered, even during his confrontations with L. In reality, however, he has nothing but contempt for those who oppose him including his own family as he legitimately thought of killing his sister but only relented after he remembered that doing that would alert the authorities to the fact that he is Kira and is very much willing to even manipulate and possibly dispose of his own supporters for the sake of his master plan.
  • Descendants of Darkness: Dr. Kazutaka Muraki poses as a polite doctor to cover up the fact that he rapes, tortures, kills, and experiments on children. He may seem charming at first, but that's hardly the truth.
  • Picodevimon from Digimon Adventure presents himself as a friend to several of the heroes and proceeds to utterly deceive them, all with an oily polite demeanor. He drops this facade when his plans go awry, though.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • King Piccolo in the original Dragon Ball. He speaks politely to Goku and even praises his skills in their first fight after Goku lands a few blows and manages to knock him down... before beating Goku within an inch of his life. He also calmly offers one of the king's guards a position as one of his men. When he refuses, Piccolo puts his hand through the guy's chest.
    • In Dragon Ball Z, Frieza is fairly polite, when he's in a good mood... and an Omnicidal Maniac Evil Overlord, who will kill anyone who he feels is a threat to his power, in fear that someone will surpass him, going as far as driving entire species to extinction or blowing up planets just because he feels like it.
    • His father King Cold fits this trope even better. He calmly congratulates Trunks on destroying his son, offers to let him take his son's place, when told "no" asks to examine his sword... and then tries to kill him with it.
    • Freiza's brother Cooler oozes a polite facade, just like Frieza and their father, but he's almost (if not every bit) as sadistic as them. The only difference is, he's not a Bad Boss like they are.
    • The Androids in the bad future, mostly shown in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. They are sociopathic, heartless and cruel, not caring about who they kill, yet hold a childish exterior towards them.
    • Perfect Cell is a rather good sport in battle and even gives his opponents sporting chances to beat him... Until he starts losing, then he becomes a Sore Loser who is willing to kill himself along with the planet out of spite.
    • Majin Buu both averts this and plays it straight. Fat Buu and Kid Buu are too childlike and mindless respectively to pretend to be affable. Super Buu is too simple-minded to bother as well- until he absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo, after which he becomes much more eloquent and formal. When Vegito shows up and starts kicking his ass, he drops the act and reverts to the Psychopathic Manchild he always was, throwing temper tantrums and later celebrating like a little kid when he thinks he's won.
    • Unlike Goku, Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super speaks in a soft, somewhat polite tone when addressing Future Trunks. His speaking pattern is actually quite formal. He also looks down on Saiyans, humans, or any mortal like they're filth, and sees death as a blessing to humanity. At the same time, he shows a great deal of respect towards Goku, who he calls the strongest of the proud warrior race. However, this sorta falls into faux too since he killed his version of Goku once he took his body.
    • Zamasu, all versions of him which include the aforementioned Goku Black hit this territory when they finally go off the deep end, speaking as formally and politely as always yet it's clear that they have nothing but contempt and murderous hatred mixed into a cocktail of psychotic delusions.
  • Izaya Orihara of Durarara!! is a manipulative, arrogant prick who nevertheless manages to maintain a facade of politeness with almost everyone, even while discussing how best to screw over the maximum number of people possible for the maximum amount of enjoyment possible.
  • Fairy Tail has The Underground King, Mard Geer, the de facto leader of Tartaros. He's almost never seen shying away from his polite, soft-spoken demeanor, but the man's a massive sociopath who is single-handedly responsible for what is easily the darkest arc in the entire story. He's also a horrible boss, as well - he lets his own men get swallowed up by his fortress, Alegria, in an effort to kill the titular guild, and coldly tortures/strangles his Dragon, Kyoka, not for torturing Erza, but for the fact that he views humans as lower than dog shit, and berates Kyoka for putting in any effort to torture them at all.
  • The Caster/master pair in Fate/Zero usually act like normal people, even while shredding little children to bits with Combat Tentacles because they were bored. Caster himself enjoys pretending to be nice before horribly murdering someone for the extra shock value; his master seems to be just completely desensitized. Oddly enough, they also have the best relationship of all the master/servant pairings, despite the master having no magic. The good relationship is justified in-universe: When a master summons a servant without a catalyst (for example Kiritsugu used Avalon to summon Saber), the grail picks the Heroic Spirit who's personality is most similar to the master's.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • This is a general trait of the Homunculi (save for Greed), being that they're textbook sociopaths.
      • Envy can sometimes be fairly amusing and seem like a Friendly Enemy, but it only underscores the fact that they don't give a shit about and even revel in the other character's hatred towards them.
      • Father. He can seem polite and reasonable and is even kind of goofy in his first meeting with the Elric brothers, but beneath it all, he's devoid of empathy and sees himself as so far above humans that he literally feels nothing, not even hate or contempt, towards them.
      • Fuhrer King Bradley comes off at first as a charming family man and Reasonable Authority Figure. He's actually a ruthless homunculus, Wrath, who ordered the war in Ishval. Even worse in the 2003 Anime where he is revealed to be Pride, where he ordered that war gleefully, and remorselessly killed his own son.
    • In the anime, Solf J. Kimblee has shown many shades of Wicked Cultured and can be polite, charming, and an all-around charismatic fellow...when he's not making bombs out of women, children, and any other poor saps within arm's length. This is in contrast to his manga counterpart, who was more genuinely Affably Evil.
  • Gauron from Full Metal Panic! has a very quirky, highly amusing personality - while going around rampaging and killing people. Including his employers and co-workers. He has no redeeming qualities and has almost every vice and evil you can think of (being an Ax-Crazy, pedophilic rapist and necrophiliac that will kill anyone and everyone, just because, and gets jealous of and tries to kill a 16-year-old girl just because she's the girl Sousuke likes). But let's face it - it is very amusing to watch him mass murder while he cracks horrible jokes and acts all happy.
  • Yuno Gasai from Future Diary. She is seen by the school as a School Idol and is very nice to everyone around her. In actuality, however, she is a Sociopathic, manipulative, Ax-Crazy Yandere.
  • In the Girls und Panzer spinoff, "Little Army 2," Kilimanjaro, head of West Kureouji Grona, a school that copies St. Gloriana, is this. Like Darjeeling, she uses formal speech when confronting her opponents, but does so in a highly condescending manner, particularly when showing up to taunt her school's longstanding rival Bellwall. It's perhaps exemplified, when, after hearing her little sister Nagisa tell her that she refuses to continue spying on Bellwall, in spite of being threatened with being forced out of tankery, Kilimanjaro smiles and slaps Nagisa across the face.
  • Gundam:
  • InuYasha: Naraku speaks politely, but it's obvious that it's merely a sign of mockery, somewhat justified as his current disguise was a noble who used royal dialect. After Mount Hakurei, he drops the act completely in favor of being a Smug Super.
  • Izure Shinwa No Ragnarok:
    • Freyja is flirtatious towards Raika and tries to act like an understanding boss to Brunhild, all while attempting to rape and kill the former and using the latter as a sacrificial pawn.
    • Zeus has nothing but compliments for Raika's victory over the aforementioned Freyja and acts like an overly saccharine classmate. He's also the one who possessed Raika's sister and is disturbingly nonchalant as he restores Raika's memory of her kidnapping.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Dio Brando tends to switch between this and Affably Evil depending on who he's interacting with. He's a smooth talker with legions of crazy-devoted followers, but at his core, he's a completely self-centered megalomaniac.
    • Kars from Battle Tendency at first seems to be just as affable as the rest of the Pillar Men, offering Lisa Lisa a weapon in order to make their battle fair, but is quickly revealed to actually be a petty and dirty Jerkass.
    • Terence T. D'Arby from Stardust Crusaders, in a stark contrast to his older brother, Daniel J. D'Arby. As Kakyoin puts it:
      "You give the impression of a gentleman... but you are the worst kind of madman."
    • While Yoshikage Kira from Diamond Is Unbreakable is usually genuinely affable, he will lean more towards this trope if his Berserk Button is pushed. At one point, he politely offers an opponent some tissues because he's about to repeatedly slam the poor kid's face into the ground.
    • Vento Aureo:
      • Polpo is an easygoing man who puts a lot of emphasis on trust and honor, but uses these beliefs as a way to manipulate people into complete loyalty towards Passione.
      • Cioccolata, upon first meeting Team Bucciarati, puts up the guise of a soft-spoken and polite man. However, as the battle progresses and Giorno gains the upper hand, he begins to show just how much of an insane monster he really is.
      • Diavolo is capable of putting on a polite face, but at his heart he's a selfish bastard who has no problem with offing underlings who displease him or killing innocents who get in the way of his plans. In Sardegna, when a fortuneteller manages to deduce his identity and motives, he compliments the man's powers of deduction and calmly tells him that he's going to kill him in the most painless way possible as a twisted sign of respect.
    • Kenzo from Stone Ocean is introduced as an overall friendly guy, but is quickly revealed to be the exact opposite.
    • From JoJolion, Tamaki Damo attempts to act polite towards Norisuke IV while in the middle of torturing him for information, and also threatening to do the same to the rest of his family.
  • Kekkaishi:
    • Mudou.
    • From earlier on, there's Kaguro. He styles himself as a suave man and is conversational with Yoshimori when they fight. He's more towards the Ax-Crazy end of the Blood Knight spectrum. And he murdered Gen and is only an ayakashi because he was so completely insane as a human.
  • Nui Harime of Kill la Kill acts like a particularly saccharine schoolgirl. She compliments and flirts with pretty girls around her with uncomfortably-affectionate gestures. Yet she is a dangerous Cute and Psycho bitch and revels in it.
    • The most telling instance of this comes early, when she introduces herself to The Hero. Nui picks a fight by cheerfully revealing that She Killed Ryuko's Father.
      Nui: Still not convinced? Well, I'll show you something neat. Here we go! [singing] Ta-dah!
      Nui: Yup, it's the other half of your Sword Scissor! Fresh off your father's corpse!
    • She giggles through most fights as if combat were a game, because for her it is: her superhuman abilities allow her to block or evade almost any blow. She is usually toying with her foes, and the more desperate and frustrated they get, the more fun Nui has. Her saccharine appearance stays intact as long as no-one can hurt her back. The instant they do, she drops it hard. Her high-pitched giggle gives way to furious screams, and her cutesy grin to a Slasher Smile.
  • Nightmare from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is an oddly laid-back sort of tyrant. He respects his employees and prefers to amuse himself with watching current events... and at the same time creates Demon Beasts/Monsters, terrorizes planets, levels or enslaves civilizations, and tortures others by entering their sleep and giving them nightmares just for the fun of it. Oh, and not only did his army slaughter a La Résistance unit, he also sped up an asteroid's course to crash into Popstar.
  • Quattro from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS affects a cute, friendly persona most of the time, but she's actually an unrepentantly evil Smug Snake.
  • Dr. Hell from Mazinger Z has a good helping of It's All About Me, but always keeps an educated, polite behavior and mannerisms, even when he is going to dissect someone to turn him or her into his next enslaved Cyborg.
  • Monster:
    • Director Heinemann seems a polite man, but in reality is an immoral doctor who does not care at all for the patients at his hospital. He apparently apologizes to Tenma just to humiliate him.
    • Johan, the titular monster, has this as his specialty. He charms, he smiles, he seems to care and he's such a beautiful and brilliant young man... as he uses you and kills you and if he takes enough of an interest in you, he will probably take the time to kill all your hopes and dreams, first.
  • Michio, the protagonist of MW, has a superficially friendly personality, but is really a criminal who commits atrocious crimes for fun.
  • Gargoyle from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. He's willing to kill anyone so that his plans could go accordingly, yet he is so polite and refined towards his foes. Especially with Nemo and Nadia (who he calls Princess).
  • Naruto
    • Tobi likes to play the trickster archetype, which is why it's so disconcerting every time he reaffirms how much of a horrible person he is.
    • Hidan from the Akatsuki, especially his anime rendition. Snarky, prone to weird faces, hammy, almost childish sometimes, and so fun to watch as he hammily pounces over the Moral Event Horizon. Too bad some fans took it in another way.
    • Deidara. Just as loud as Hidan and more flamboyant, yet he is stated by Pain to have joined Akatsuki only for shits and giggles. In fact, Deidara was forced to join Akatsuki after losing a bet against Itachi. It doesn't make him any less of an example of this trope, however - while really desperately trying to pass off as a "cool" villain he has to put up a humongous effort to hide his rampant insanity. That is, until the very end.
    • Gengo in Shikamaru's Story. He's initially appears Affably Evil and charismatic enough to convert anyone who hears him talk and get them to join his attempts to build a Shinobi empire. The first cracks in the facade show when So and Roku, Shikamaru's teammates from the Anbu, despite appearing to have bought into his ideology, appear to have been tortured. Once it's revealed that Gengo has been relying on a Compelling Voice to brainwash people to his side, and Shikamaru faces him in combat, Gengo loses his affability entirely.
      Gengo: I will kill you, you bastard. And I will pull all those in the hall together into the same mind, and we will proceed with my ambition.
      Shikamaru: Whoa, whoa, now I'm 'you bastard'? You don't even realize your true colors are showing here.
    • Filler Villain Fuuka acts like a young beautiful woman, speaking gently to Naruto when they first meet and offering to share a kiss with him. However, it is revealed that her kisses kill people by draining them of their chakra, and when Naruto refuses her offer, she attempts to force a kiss on him instead, while continuing to flirt with him. When Naruto continues to mess around with her and outsmart her, she slowly stops flirting with him and calling him pet names, revealing a more sadistic side to her. It is highlighted at one point when she goes ballistic after Naruto accidentally cuts a small part of her hair off during their fight, screaming that he will pay for it before turning his legs to stone. She appears to calm down immediately after this and resumes flirting with Naruto, telling him it is time for the two of them to make up by sharing a "nice hot kiss", but then darkly adds that as payment for the kiss she'll take his soul.
  • One Piece has quite a few examples:
    • Arlong keeps a calm tone even as he slaughters humans out of sheer racist superiority, calmly lying to Nami for 8 years that if she gets enough money he'll let her go, then hires a corrupt marine to steal all the treasure she gathered just as she reached her goal, and calmly telling her to just start over as he just laughs at her! This is especially pronounced in the 4kids dub, when he cheerfully offers Luffy good conditions if he agrees to become a slave, and this line, after he sends Bellemere to the dungeon.
    4kids Arlong: If you can't pay the cash, then you're out with the trash... and feel free to quote me! YEAH!
    • Crocodile seems like a calm and reasonable enough guy, but the second he gets (or fails to get) what he wants or finds out you've failed him in ANY way he drops the politeness and orders your death in the same calm tone.
    • Blackbeard is this and a bit genuinely Affably Evil. He might at first come off as a friendly sort of guy with a big smile on his face, but could quickly turn to killing and mocking you, all while wearing the same exact smile. Though for all his unpleasantness he does seem to genuinely care about his crew, despite gaming all of his newer members by making them fight to the death and taking the survivors. Granted they were among the most evil and unrepentant criminals in all of Impel Down but still. Plus his friendly demeanor whenever it shows for the most part IS genuine, which makes him all the more evil.
    • Caesar Clown is even worse, He managed to successfully manipulate various prisoners and Brownbeard's Crew into becoming his underlings by coming off as a great scientific hero to them "curing" them of their afflictions (with Help from Trafalgar Law) when in fact He's the one who poisoned them. The guy also came off as a kind caring "Master" to many children who ended up on Punk Hazard for his treatment of their diseases, when in reality he's been lying to their faces, they were kidnapped to be his Guinea Pigs, he's been drugging them for well over a year with his Fantastic Drug candy turning them into giants, worst part is that many of them might not live for 5 more years because of all the drugs they've ingested Caesar has done all of this without so much as breaking his polite facade even once around them, he's basically a mix of Frieza and The Joker. Funny enough he's played by Ryusei Nakao.
  • Pretty Cure:
  • Keith White of Project ARMS has shades of this. He is very calm and polite towards the protagonists, before trying to kill them in the most violent, horrific way possible. In a flashback, it's shown that he spoke kindly to Alice when she asked him for a special present for her birthday and, upon hearing her request was to go outside with the other experimental children, he calmly hit her.
  • Kyubey in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. As the series progresses, we see him slowly morph from helpful (if you are lucky enough to get your questions right) Mentor Mascot to uncaring Manipulative Bastard. Worse, he stays polite and helpful (again, if you are lucky enough to get your questions right) the entire time. It's eventually stated that he's simply unable to understand why what he's doing is monstrous.
  • Ranma ½: Nabiki Tendo is generally pleasant and easy to get along with, but she doesn't even try to hide her true colors: a completely amoral, ruthless, and greedy bitch with a complete Lack of Empathy and a Money Fetish that almost makes Mr. Krabs look tame by comparison.
  • Rosario + Vampire gives us Hokuto Kaneshiro. He makes friends with Tsukune, supports peace at Yokai Academy, is a strong, determined leader, and has a close friend... in the form of dancing-mad Kiriya Yoshi, and only because Kiriya is the one who gave him monstrel blood so he could fend for himself. Go on, Tsukune. Look away for a moment. You'll find everyone beaten to the ground, and Hokuto standing there with a stick in his hand, insisting that emotions are pointless. Oh, and don't expect him to be any better a year after you and Moka kick his ass — sure, he might have helped you stop his own plan, but he's still going to strangle you with his inconsistently-changing monstrel hand, gloating that you can't protect your girlfriend. Ouch.
  • Shaman King's Hao Asakura seems to go back and forth between this and being a genuinely goodhearted guy, who commits monstrous acts for the greater good. A complex character, to be sure, but no matter how you view him, he's undeniably entertaining to watch.
  • Sword Art Online:
    • While Sugou Nobuyuki from the Fairy Dance arc tries to puts up a polite façade, it eventually becomes clear that he's an amoral, greedy, pretentious Jerkass with a God complex who looks down on everyone around him, as well as being a perverted stalker towards Asuna. It's particularly pronounced in his Last Villain Stand, where he casually talks with Kirito at first, before charging at him with a knife with full intent to kill him.
    Sugou: You're late, Kirito. I've been out here so long, I might catch cold.
    • In Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment, he tries the nice guy act to get into the group's raiding party, but Kirito and co. are able to see through it right away.
    • Morte from Progressive. He uses polite speech and is fond of joking around and making bad puns, but Kirito's wary of him because of this, and for good reason. Morte threatens to alert the nearby enemies to Kirito's presence, thereby sabotaging his attempt at completing the quest, and it's soon revealed that he's been playing the DKB and ALS against each other for some unknown purpose. Kirito even notices this, along with acknowledging coming off as rude in comparison.
    Morte: (after accepting a duel, during which he plans to kill Kirito), Roger that, man. I'm getting so nervous thinking about a duel with the Kirito. Can we take a photo to commemorate after the fight? Oh, wait, we haven't gotten to the point where screenshot items show up yet. Aww, too bad...
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    • Eto pretty much embodies this trope. She frequently puts on a sweet demeanor, chatting with people in a cheerful fashion and offering them advice about their problems..... but is utterly twisted by her hatred of the world and takes pleasure in destroying the lives of others. In particular, she seems to enjoy a nice game of Corrupt the Cutie or Cold-Blooded Torture, often taking special care to destroy families in the process.
    • Dr. Akihiro Kanou has cultivated a kind and paternal bedside manner, always speaking politely to people. He's a prolific Mad Scientist that believes he is Above Good and Evil, utterly lacking in compassion and willing to use or kill anyone for the sake of his experiments.
  • Trigun:
    • Legato Bluesummers does a bit of this, although he is as freaky-evil as possible in his first meeting with Vash, specifically.
    • The anime version of Knives does a bit of this whenever interacting with Vash. Notably, his cheerful "yo, Vash!" upon their reunion in July, while sitting on a desk next to the just-murdered corpse of its owner, whom Vash was coming to visit. A similar but more elegant friendly greeting appears when Vash arrives for the final battle. However, because this demeanor only applies to his brother, and because he would probably not do anything to said brother if Vash just got out of his way, this may be more of a single-target Affably Evil.
  • Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle:
    • Barzeride Kreutzer and Dobar Fest are capable of acting sophisticated as befitting of their social class, all while being willing to harm students if it means fulfilling their ambitions of taking over the kingdom. They drop any pretense of politeness once their plans go south though.
    • Even after openly betraying the other world powers and openly contemplating turning her middle sister into a vegetable, Listelka Rei Arshalia doesn't drop her air of composure, though she will act more passive-aggressively to those she considers beneath her. The closest she gets to dropping her polite act is when Hayes states that Fugil is untrustworthy, causing Listelka to calmly and coldly insult the latter for being lower ranked in the family.
    • Despite betraying Lux in the revolution against Arcadia, Fugil continues to praise his former student's skill and sarcastically claims that his efforts to do good will succeed next time, but it's obvious that he only talks like this out of mockery. Downplayed in Lux's suppressed memories, where Fugil did make an honest attempt to recruit Lux to his cause, out of the belief that they were Not So Different.
  • Lord Kuruku from Unico in the Island of Magic is polite enough when he's in a good mood, but he is a cruel being at heart and won't hesitate to make you a part of his castle. His mannerisms are very much like Frieza's.
  • Warrior King Guitar from Violinist of Hameln (the manga version, not the anime) is a heartless, thoroughly egotistical, mass-murdering monster, as befits a mazoku general, but his cheery, somewhat goofy demeanor, and fake humility make this less apparent than his colleagues. Well, until he starts torturing people while remaining as upbeat and polite as ever.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
  • Dennis is like this in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V; his polite and soft-spoken personality remains even after being revealed as a member of Duel Academy, but he's clearly as sadistic as any other member, vowing to destroy Shay slowly before his second Duel with him began, eventually dropping the act entirely when he calls it a "Hunting Game".
  • Yu Yu Hakusho: Elder Toguro; in the Dark Tournament arc, he faces off against three opponents at once, easily incapacitating two of them and killing the third. However, he says he's willing to spare the other two if they plead for their lives. One of them does and the other doesn't, but Toguro ends up killing them both anyway, as he hates keeping his promises. Later on, he doesn't even bother hiding his sadistic side.


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