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  • Don Caronja, the main baddy from the first chapter of Ten Earth Shattering Blows. He's fat, ruthless and addicted to bugs.
  • The Shufflers: Märchen is introduced this way, being on the run from the local authorities. However, it’s Subverted when it’s revealed that he was only on the run due to one of his cartomancy predictions coming true, painting a target on his back.
  • Used straight in this strip of Loserz, in which a fat guy rants to shift the blame of his obesity on restaurants and other sources of high-fat foods (The previous strip which he refers to has Eric mentioning how unhealthy food is cheaper).
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  • Tharqa from Penny and Aggie practically defines this trope. The only overweight character in the entire strip, and she couldn't be more venial. Karen, while having lost weight and shaped up considerably, is still bigger than every other character except Tharqa, and is well on her way to becoming the Big Bad of the comic with her Machiavellian plans against the titular characters.
  • Averted with Sidney Burns of Mob Ties. Enormously fat, but still the most heroic and driven of the psychotic cast.
  • MS Paint Adventures has a few characters who are fat. They all use their corpulence as a weapon.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Emperor Krelchzeeber, the guy who killed Riboflavin's dad. Nemesites are butterfly people, and therefore normally very skinny with big wings; not so with Krelchzeeber.
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  • Starfish from Unsounded, the pedophilic, Jerkass leader of the Red Berry Boys, he has people kidnapped so their organs can be cut out and the extra space used to smuggle an illegal substance inside their bodies. His weight and appetite is frequently commented on and mocked by other characters.
  • Rigel from DNA bullies the other X's and is overweight, unlike the other X's who are all very thin.
  • Zebra Girl: The overweight vampire lady who attacks Crystal during the Heaven on Earth arc.
  • Schlock Mercenary: General Hugo Xinchub is one of the Tough's most durable recurring enemies, an utter bastard who's got countless monstrous acts under his belt as a UNS general, and is also a complete asshole who cannot go a scene without either being condescending or smug. Notably, he is one of the few enemies of the Toughs that they actually hate, and Tagon has actually refused huge amounts of money if it would mean having to rescue him from death.


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