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Fat Bastard / Professional Wrestling

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  • Bastion Booger, who was both a Fat Slob and had Jabba Table Manners to boot.
  • Bam Bam Bigelow, till he was fired by Ted Dibiase.
  • In 1993, Yokozuna was THE Fat Bastard as well as being a Foreign Wrestling Heel.
  • Rikishi, after it was revealed he tried to end the career of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin by running him over. Otherwise, Rikishi is made of Big Fun.
  • King Mabel / Viscera / Big Daddy V, for the sheer gall to wrestle with his chest out being enough to qualify.
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  • Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin from OVW TV.
  • Matt Ghaffari during his Pro Wrestling ZERO1 career.
  • USA Pro And Jersey All Pro Wrestling had "The Fat Bastard" Mike.
  • Smith "Big Game" James got chants of "You Are Fat" in the NWA promotions even when wrestling opponents of similar size.
  • Kevin Steen, someone even wrote a song dedicated to this and all his other unflattering traits called "Antichrist2" after he was kicked out of Ring of Honor by El Generico and then returned even fatter.
  • Similar to Smith James, Matt Hardy got chants of "You Are Fat" while he was the leader of SCUM(Suffering, Ugliness, Chaos, Mayhem), which was funny because was noticeably slimmer than the previous leader, Steen.
  • In Progress Wrestling there's Dave Mastiff, who is a lot more agile than his size would make you think, his finisher is a cannon ball senton