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  • One Piece:
    • One of these was a Commodore of the Marines and a Filler Villain in the Dragon Filler Arc, who was so morbidly obese that he could hardly move on his own. So far, he's been the only high-ranking Marine officer to not have asskicking skills to back up his rank (though he did, at least, have the intelligence…well, at least as far as catching pirates goes). And he was constantly shown eating huge piece of meat after huge piece of meat.
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    • Alvida described herself as the most beautiful marauder on the ocean, in spite of being roughly spherical and having a terrible attitude. But she only fits this for her first appearance; the next time we see her, not only has she mellowed out, she's eaten the Sube Sube no Mi (Smooth-Smooth Fruit, which removes all friction from the consumer's skin so that weapons, projectiles, and hands slide right off of them; the effects apparently also extend to fat), and has consequently lost so much weight that she's not even recognizable as the same character any longer; she goes out of her way to mention that the only difference in her appearance since Luffy last met her is that her acne has cleared up.
    • Wapol may be the best example of this in the series. His father was the king of Drum Kingdom, and was a benevolent ruler. And as much as he was benevolent, Wapol was proud, ruthless, selfish, a downright Jerkass, and above all, gluttonous to the extent of being an Extreme Omnivore, due to his Baku Baku no Mi (Munch-Munch Fruit) powers. One of his most notable acts during his rule was to ban all doctors from the country—which was renowned for its excellent medical experts—except for 20 that served him exclusively; his subjects would have to grovel at his feet to get medical care. Ah, yes, and when pirates attacked his island, instead of attempting to defend them, he, his Co-Dragons, and his servants fled the island. He came back a year later…only to become a Twinkle In The Sky thanks to Luffy.
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    • Yama from the Skypiea arc is the highest ranking man in Enel's army aside from his four priests. Extremely fat, extremely sadistic, and extremely nimble; he fights by throwing his weight around on his foes, and it proves very effective.
      • Satori to a lesser extent. He's fat, he's sadistic, he's antagonistic towards the Straw Hats, and he even gets the upper hand on them for a while, but as soon as he accidentally lets his guard down, he's taken out in one shot. The same goes for his younger brothers, Hotori and Kotori, who attempt to avenge his defeat against some of the other Straw Hats.
    • Machvise of the Donquixote Pirates. He was bulky several years before canon began, but in the Dressrosa arc, he fits this to a T. Cruel and merciless in combat, and empowered with the Ton-Ton Fruit besides; he's basically a much more threatening version of Yama.
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  • In Bambi And Her Pink Gun, King Grabba is a grotesquely fat…rock star with hordes of screaming female fans who carry signs to his concerts that say things like "Rape me." To help you figure him out, he's an evil version of Elvis Presley at the height of his decline, and he savagely beats the women who come to see him backstage, instead of, you know, having sex with them. Oh, and when fans tell them they love him, he responds with "I love me, too!"
  • Somewhat subverted in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, with the males of the Torumekian royal family. They're all grotesquely fat and initially somewhat villainous, but all of them show themselves capable of goodness near the end of the story, except for the one who got eaten by a giant bug before he had the chance to be redeemed like the others.
  • Subverted in Paprika The enormously fat Tokita is suggested to be something of a Manchild, as well as a comically ridiculous overeater who gets stuck in narrow passageways. However, he's also brilliant and, unusually enough, gets the girl.
  • Fist of the North Star had a lot of fat characters, but several truly stand out. The most famous of them is Mr. Heart, who is ten feet tall, and so fat that if you punch him 'your fist gets stuck up to the elbow.' He is famous for being the first villain to present a challenge and actually do damage to the main hero. Then there's Galf, who looks like an evil version of Mr. Weatherbee from Archie comics, who is obsessed with his dogs. The second series includes Geira, an obese Jabba the Hutt-esque man who hypnotizes people, and Gyoko, a man so fat that he sinks into the ground when he walks.
  • In Death Note, there's Demegawa, the corrupt TV producer and presenter. His greed and corruptness make one of Light's plans fail. Moreover, as Kira grows in power and influence, he throws himself wholeheartedly into the role of Professional Butt-Kisser when it becomes clear who's in charge.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Fat Buu is an inversion; while fat and childish, he is not intentionally cruel and, in the end, winds up as one of the good guys. But on the way there he becomes steadily more evil, and at the same time less fat; first, when his Berserk Button is pressed, the evil side of him manifests in a gaunt form that literally consumes the original, which then becomes the trim-but-buff Super Buu, evil but with a sense of purpose and a tiny germ of honor, which eventually becomes half-pint Kid Buu, who's just an Omnicidal Maniac going on pure instinct, when Fat Buu is ripped from Super Buu's being.
  • General Regius Gaiz of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, though his portrayed evil traits of power-hungriness and petty jealousy turned out to have stemmed from well-intentioned reasons that sort of got overblown when he rose in power and got manipulated by the people who saw him as a useful puppet. One 4koma strip, based around the scene at the end of Episode 23 when Zest confronts him with a picture of the two and asks what happened to the justice he hoped to pursue, has Zest also ask what happened to his muscles.
  • Haruka Nishiharu from Girls Saurus, until she's forced go through a miracle diet. She still remains a pretty violent Tsundere afterwards.
  • The Major from Hellsing.
  • Averted with Kurita from Eyeshield 21, who is both one of the heaviest characters in the series and one of the nicest. This aversion only strengthens as the series goes on, where Kurita proves to everyone that he's also one of the TOUGHEST, most respected linemen in the whole world.
  • Few would argue that anyone in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise qualifies for this Trope than Takasu, the corpulent prison warden from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and one of the sleaziest characters in the show. Among the unpleasant tropes that could be applied to him were The Bully, Politically Incorrect Villain, Bad Liar, Sore Loser, and Cheaters Never Prosper. (And he has a bad habit of picking his nose, one of the few things American fans did not mind the dub editing out.) In fact, he was such scum that his boss (Rex Godwin, the Big Bad of the first season), was disgusted with him, and fired him after his brutal treatment of inmates became known.
  • Taikon from the fourth Bleach movie.
  • Averted in The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. While Shimaki is fat, he is very smart, competent, and probably the most valuable member of the group he's in. The fact that he is fat is barely even addressed in the series since it's just a physical characteristic and not part of his personality.
  • Captain Continental in Legend of the Blue Wolves.
  • Nakai in Bakuman。 used to be sympathetic despite being overweight. But then he Took A Level In Jerk Ass and starts being manipulative once success starts going to his head, which disgusts the woman he viewed as his love interest. He ultimately gets Put on a Bus and moves back home with his mother. By the time he returns from his bus trip, he's even more overweight, has an even more repulsive personality and is currently working with the current antagonist of the series.
  • From an filler episode in Detective Conan, there's a fat bitch named Michie Uemori. She's a famous chef who crapped big time on four of her disciples note  and still treats them all like shit. And usurprisingly, she becomes the Asshole Victim.
    • Akira Sumida from the "Timeless Sakura Love" was a fat pawn shop owner, feared and hated for also doubling as a completely heartless and selfish Loan Shark, willing to do things like stealing a valious ring that someone pawned when in a desperate situation and then lie about having sold it while she's wearing it, trick another person into buying an antique plate in 500.000 yens when in reality it's just a cat's plate worth less than 1000, and trying to force a person in debt to sign a life insurance policy so she'd kill him and get money from it. And then, the last one backfired TERRIBLY.
  • The titular monsters from Attack on Titan often show a predisposition towards being fairly pudgy, including at least one who may be wider than it is tall (and that's saying something).
    • Also the nobleman who was playing chess with Dot Pixis, and demanded that he make preparations to defend his lands rather than go to the front, saying that it was the job of the troops to be killed distracting the Titans.
    • And the merchant who holds up the evacuation of Trost by demanding that a cart that was too wide for the gate should be given priority over the people.
  • Nobita's bully, Gian from Doraemon


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