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Fantastic Racism / Religion

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  • In The Qur'an, Iblis the Djinn refused to bow before Adam, because Adam was made of clay and djinns were made of fire, which somehow made them superior according to him. Though, if you're a Muslim, you're gonna drop the "fantastic" part.
  • A Modoc Indian fable is about a war between the birds and animals. The bat fought on whichever side was winning, and if the birds won, he would claim that he was a bird (because he had wings). If the animals won, he would say that he was an animal (because he had teeth). Eventually both sides got sick of the bat's betrayal and exiled him: this is why bats only fly around at night, when neither animals or birds can see them.
  • Also gotta drop the "fantastic" part if you're Christian, but some Christians believe God will give humans authority over angels in Heaven, and a few go as far as to say he loves humans more because we're said to be "made in his image." note  The Bible itself is silent on this matter, and if anything logic would say God loves all of his creations equally, but the concept has made it's way into a few works (Dogma, Supernatural, Constantine, etc...) which portray angels as being bitter, angry, jealous, and hating humanity over this issue.
    • Some believe the opposite, that we are lower than angels because they never sin.
    • Demons are portrayed as hating all of humanity and trying to drag as many into Hell with them as possible.

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