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Mr. Mime line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Mime Jr. [#439]
  • Mr. Mime [#122]


Mime Jr. is a short humanoid creature with pinkish skin that drapes in bundles of fat around the waist and long thin arms ending in fingerless hands, usually held outstreched to keep its balance as it toddles about on tiny legs. The round head takes up a good third of the creature's height, with a face comprised of two innocent black eyes, a widely smiling mouth, and a bulbous red nose that is matched with a spherical red "button" on the stomach. The final third of Mime Jr.'s height is comprised solely of dark blue hair; while there is a similar coating of hair on the body below the waist, the hair on the head resembles a crumpled clown hat with earmuffs and a white pom at the very tip. Some Mime Jr. have a pigment discoloration that makes their hair green and renders their nose and button purple; this mutation is not considered favorable, although there are collectors who still seek it out for the rarity's sake.


Mr. Mime is easy to mistake for an actual human at first glance, though they are different enough that the confusion is usually momentary. Their face, for instance, lacks a visable nose or pair of ears, although they have red cheekspots and a pair of long hair extensions on the sides of their otherwise bald head. The rotound body is apparently 'encased' in a white, egglike shell, with red orbs at the shoulders and thighs (as well as one mounted on the belly). Their arms and legs are thin, with the legs having a white kneeguard-like structure and ending in curled black 'shoes'; it is the white 'gloves' on the end of the arms that hold particular interest, as the small red orb which rests at the tip of each white digit is the primary focus for Mr. Mime's abilities. In some individuals, the red orbs and cheekspots are green; this mutation is generally undesirable and is usually only valued by collectors of the rare.


Notable Biology

One of the most incredible aspects of the Mr. Mime species is their ability to manipulate the very air into invisible objects. Mime Jr. can only create basic walls and boxes without training, but the Mr. Mime regularly uses psychic energy projected from their fingertips to still air molecules and create temporary, invisible tools for whatever purpose they need. This ability can, with training, also be used to generate a number of potent energy blasts and even alter weather patterns.

Typically Mr. Mime uses this ability in a non-violent manner, attempting to entertain those around them or just assisting them with invisible tools. When forced into combat, Mr. Mime will read their opponents and use their ability to either filter damage that would otherwise be devastating or to completely negate the effect of sonic-based assaults. A few, however, have become very skilled with their ability on offense, and can make their ordinarily 'weaker' attacks as strong as their stronger ones.


Some Mr. Mime have a genetic mutation that gives them four fingers per hand instead of the usual five; this does not reduce their ability, but such individuals are apparently mild outcasts in Mr. Mime society. While the Mime part of their name is accurate, as they have no vocal chords and rely on their finger vibrations to communicate, the Mr. part is not; a Mr. Mime can be either male or female in roughly equal amounts. The Mime Jr. was not known to exist until recently, when an odd incense found in the Solaceon ruins was given to a pregnant female; they are still fairly rare in modern times, usually being thrown out by their parents.


While there are rare populations of Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. in the wild, the majority of the line live in human cities. There is, in fact, a minor but constant movement to make the Mr. Mime line fully recognized citizens, as they are often employed in the same fields that humans would be—retail, entertainment, essentially anything that would not require direct speech. Mr. Mimes themselves do not actually mind having no legal representation; psychic interviews have revealed that they see the responsibilities of an ordinary citizenship as too stressful, and that any issues they need to handle can generally be dealt with by a properly applied invisible sledgehammer to the correct individual. Mime Jr., on the other hand, will generally be found on the edges of cities, being driven out by the local Mr. Mimes, although there are various 'sanctuaries' devoted to gathering Mime Jr. and raising them. Sometimes Mime Jr. will wander outside city limits en masse; this usually does not end well for them.


Mr. Mime share the same diet as humans, with the notable exception of being lactose intolerant; they are perfectly fine with eating Pokemon food as well as human food, although they are known to play with their food and sometimes make a whole theatrical act while consuming their meals. It has recently been discovered that Mr. Mimes also feed off the amusement of others, hence their performance acts.


A typical Mr. Mime is generally very subservient and eager to please, having a theatrical attitude toward everything they do. If they are annoyed, they generally respond by slapping the offending party with their large hands; while physically harmless, the slapstick and over the top nature of the action is meant to draw other's attention and lead to the public humiliation of the victim.

If a Mr. Mime ever feels actually threatened, they up their theatricality appropriately from 'comic slapstick' to 'melodramatic swashbuckler'; their every motion is designed to confuse and off put their opponent, whilst simultaneously protecting themselves. A fight with a Mr. Mime resembles a saturday morning cartoon, with the Mr. Mime as the party that tricks their victim into defeating themselves. This is assuming that the Mr. Mime does not feel the need to use any exotic attack that they may have learned.

Due to their living in human society, a Mr. Mime also has an excellent understanding of things like paperwork, scandals, legal trials, and monetary debt. A particularly clever or vengeful Mr. Mime might hold off the physical assault in deference for the social; some newspapers have infamously accepted 'Mime Photographers' among their employees specifically for their silence and the way they can psychically put themselves into excellent positions for a sneaky shot. There was even one incident where a Mr. Mime managed to topple a corporate empire by 'accidentally' dropping incriminating files into the hands of a particular lawyer.

Social Structure

In general, the Mr. Mime lives a life very similar to that of the humans inhabiting the city they dwell in. There is work, pay, shopping, and rearing a family. Most exceptions to the rule can be derived from two sources; the fact that they are not legally citizens, and their tendancy toward theatrical overexaggeration. A Mr. Mime cottage is generally a lower class house than that of their employers; although they might very well work for a wealthy employer and earn enough money to get a better house, the excess is generally stashed away for other things. When a Mr. Mime is out and about, they are always seen acting out.

The only exception to this is their reaction to Mime Jr., which they view as a disturbing aberration. A Mr. Mime who produces a Mime Jr. will generally drive it out of the home; a Mr. Mime that sees a Mime Jr. will try to shoo it away; and the combined effects will usually result in the Mime Jr. actually being pushed out of the city entirely. Mr. Mime that evolve from Mime Jr. tend to keep their origin secret as a result, although they will be less hostile toward any Mime Jr. that they encounter.

In Human Society

Mr. Mime have been historically present as jesters and manservants for the majority of human history, being treated well and poorly as the times changed around them. While for the most part humans find them amusing, their near-human appearance can be disturbing and have spawned a number of unfortunate portrayals. However, they are not entirely reviled; a particularly abused Mr. Mime is a heroic side character in a modern fantasy series.

Written by Masterweaver.

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