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  • Lincoln's white hair actually isn't white; it's extremely pale ash blonde that just looks white from the viewer's perspective
  • A sum of the fandom believes that Leni is on the autism spectrum or has a learning disability instead of being a Dumb Blonde. Less commonly, Leni is faking at least some of her Dumb Blonde rep for various reasons ranging from wanting to be underestimated to wanting others to feel better about themselves. It varies whether any of her siblings know the truth but if any do, it's Lori.
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  • Some fans have decided that Leni is also secretly a fan of Princess Pony even though there's no indication of this.
  • Another character trait that is occasionally tacked onto Leni is that she has super-human strength, which hearkens back to her earliest designs where she was a super-strong eight year old.
  • Lisa is believed by many to be on the autism spectrum as well.
  • A small portion of the fandom believes that whenever the two are alone Lucy affectionately calls Lincoln "big brother".
  • There's a popular theory that Luan has some form of Split Personality, showcased through her ventriloquist dummy.
  • Luan's April Fool's Day persona has two possible explanations among fanon: The first is that she was severely bullied when she was younger and is now taking her rage out on her family since her tormentors are out of her reach. The other one (though not entirely common) is that her Split Personality is taking over on April 1st and she's convinced that the pranks she doesn't remember doing were harmless and everyone's overreacting. Whatever the case, when she realizes/discovers the truth, she's horrified.
  • Some fans have begun to believe that Clyde is bisexual and that his crush on Lori may be an attempt to get over an unrequited crush on Lincoln.
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  • A portion of the fandom believes that either Lincoln is a trans boy or Lynn is a trans girl. Often times, both siblings are transgender. Occasionally, Lana is depicted as a trans boy as well.
  • AUs where the Loud siblings were born in reverse order tend to follow certain structures:
    • Teen!Lily is commonly a theater lover (or a photographer or both) and is the family peacemaker, in stark contrast to the more volatile Lori of canon.
    • Teen!Lana is generally a fairly skilled mechanic, having had time to hone the skills she displays in canon.
    • Baby!Lori would have an affinity for toy phones.
    • It's starting to become accepted that if the Loud siblings were born in reverse order, Lincoln would have been born 2 years sooner, leading to the child versions of the canon teens having their ages adjusted accordingly.
  • Harold McBride is bisexual and was previously married to a woman, Clyde's biological mother, who died in child birth. He later met and married Howard.
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  • Lucy is believed to be naturally a blonde and dyes her hair. The episode "Back In Black" has implied this, but also debunked it later. Meanwhile, in later episodes, Lucy is depicted as naturally a raven in her baby pictures, along with the fact that she's look exactly like her great-grandmother Harriet.
  • Lucy is believed to be born premature, due to her pale skin that she apparently had as a baby.
  • Lucy has chronically bloodshot eyes which scare some of her family. This is stated to be the reason why she keeps her eyes concealed under her bangs, and can coincide with the premature fanon theory.
  • A popular theory is that Lily is actually Lori or Leni's daughter.
  • Lily will be a Phoneaholic Teenager due to her already showing signs of liking cellphones.
  • Lily's going to grow up to become a gamer, thanks to a well-made fanmade gif. This can coincide with the Phoneaholic Teenager fanon if she likes mobile games.
  • As in the dimension were the Loud kids are all boys, the Loud parents are believed to remain the same gender in the genderswapped dimension, only with their clothes' colors inverted with each other. In "One Of The Boys", while this is true in the All Loud Boys dimension, their counterparts from the genderswapped dimension (seen near the end of the episode) made no appearance in any form.
  • If Luna didn't met Mick Swagger, she would be into classical music. This is helped by her younger appearance in her origin story and she apparently knows how to play the violin.
    • Less commonly, Luna figures out how to blend her skill with the violin with her love of rock and ends up playing both the guitar and rock-style violin music. With Sam playing the partner guitar if they're a couple.
  • Various minor characters (mostly One Scene Wonders and Ensemble Darkhorses) have been given fanon personas by the fandom:
    • Chandler, a boy who so far only had a major role in "The Waiting Game", receives this treatment. Granted, he wasn't a nice kid to begin with (in the aforementioned episode he is a jerk that uses Lincoln to get free food from the Arcade), but many fanfics flanderize him into a full blown bully (sometimes even a Barbaric Bully who loves to beat up kids and frequently targets Lincoln).
    • Cristina, Lincoln's crush from "Making the Case", is often portrayed as a rival to Ronnie Anne or as a silent character.
    • Carol Pingrey, Lori's former rival first seen in "Picture Perfect". She generally acts as either a rival to Lori, with differences whether she's a sympathetic one or not, or even a mix of those portrayals. As a sympathetic one, she a friend of Lincoln or another siblings, though her nice persona sometime led to Lori believing she might ursurp her as the oldest sibling of her family. The opposite, however, her only joy in life is messing with Lori and her family. The episode "Selfie Improvement", supported most of the sympathetic one to the point of forming a friendship with Lori at the end.
    • A female Lincoln's classmate wearing purple referred as "Cookie QT" by the fandom, love to make cookies and has a secret crush on Lincoln. She also a friend to another refered as "Brown QT".
    • Another example is "Shy QT", who also has a crush on Lincoln, albeit to stalker level.
  • A discovery that's slowly gaining popularity on Tumblr is the fan theory that Lola and Carl Casagrande will become a couple in the future.
  • It's heavily speculated by the fans that Lincoln's alternate dimension experience in "One of the Boys" was a test by Lisa and Levi to actually see if one could survive dimensional travel. The fact that Nickelodeon released a video showcasing Lincoln traveling to other dimensions supports this theory. Watch it here.
  • Some fans like to interpret Lynn as experiencing Height Angst, considering she's older than Lincoln yet is the same height as him. This is especially evidence in fanworks where the two siblings are aged up, showing Lincoln being a few feet taller than Lynn.


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