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Plenty of background information for the earlier Tekken games which is considered canon by fans come from two fan-made story guides which implemented "facts" from the non-canonical OVA and their own fanfic ideas to clear out perceived plotholes due to early game's bios being only on Japanese guides/websites. And that's not counting random changes to translated profiles. Among the most noteworthy...


  • Lei Wulong and Bruce Irvin being former police partners. Their official bios for T2 have Bruce as an unrelated Muay Thai champion being targeted by a local mafia, and Lei's actual nameless partner getting involved in a fight with the killer on the same plane Bruce was. Bruce has never been a police at all, and his relation with Lei in-game is just because he was involved in the accident and is Kazuya's bodyguard.
  • Ganryu having amassed a fortune through gambling/illegal dealings, and his money being stolen by Yoshimitsu. Ganryu's T1 profile states he was only a very disrespectful sumo, which cost him his Yokozuna promotion. There's no mention of any fortune in canon, and the money Yoshimitsu gets in his ending is officially stated to be from the sacking of the Mishima Zaibatsu's vault.
  • Coming from the above, most sites ignore Yoshimitsu's ending as the reason Marshall Law obtained money without winning the tournament, and claims instead he got third place. Besides that never appearing in any profile, a Tekken 3 official guide states Yoshimitsu's ending as the actual source of Marshall's money.
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  • Nina and Anna blaming each other for their father's death. Anna's profile in T1 clearly states Anna hates Nina because their father preferred her, since she embraced the assassin career while Anna preferred a normal lifestyle, a decision her father never approved of. According to the original T2 bios, their father died between the first and second game, of seemingly natural causes, while requesting on his deathbed for them to stop their rivalry without success (save one instance in Anna's T2 ending, where they make a truce while visiting his grave).
  • Armor King (the 1st) being a Mexican super wrestler from a mystical "Jaguarandi" tribe. Armor King's country is Unknown, no such tribe is mentioned in any source, and he's been never stated to be anything more than a "regular" wrestler.
  • Roger and Alex being trained by Armor King and later transported to a wildlife preservation area (sometimes specifically noted to be in Australia) by Jun. The entirety of Roger and Alex's story in T2 is that they were created by Dr. Bosconovitch as part of a experiment for future military use by the Mishima Zaibatsu, but were then stolen away by Dr. Abel and kept in his secret laboratory. The only facts known beyond this are that Roger returned to his family and lived a peaceful life after the Second King of Iron Fist Tournament, as stated in Roger Jr.'s T5 prologue. The first insinuation was made to explain why the animals were Moveset Clones of King and Armor King, and while the second would be in-character for Jun (who was an officer for the WWWC, a wildlife protection agency, at the time and entered the tournament in part because of the Zaibatsu smuggling protected animals), there is no official connection between them. note 
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  • Christie's grandfather being called "Ho Chi Myong" and Kazuya's mother being "Kazume," both originating from a fan-made roster for a prequel fanfic. While Kazume seems to be an attempted romanization of her official name (一美, Kazumi), the author explicitly said to have made Ho Chi Myong up. In the same vein, Kazumi's alleged Death by Childbirth is exclusive to the OVA, with official sources only stating her death was "accelerated by Heihachi's indifference." With Kazumi set to make her debut in Tekken 7, complete with the reveal that Heihachi himself was the cause of her death (albeit a Mercy Kill due to Kazumi's Devil powers), the aforementioned scenario promptly falls under the realm of Fanon.
  • The Deal with the Devil Kazuya did to survive being thrown off a cliff, only ever mentioned in the OVA. According to Devil's profile in T2, Kazuya wasn't even aware of his existence, and the fall's survival is credited to the Mishima lineage's Nigh-Invulnerability. On this subject, Angel's profile never mentions anything about being "Kazuya's good side" and instead claims she and Devil are "the two sides of the same coin."
  • Speaking of the OVA, its depiction of the relationship between Jun and Kazuya, such as the two first meeting as children and Jun explicitly being Kazuya's Morality Pet, is commonly applied to the games. Their standing with one another in-canon has always been incredibly vague; Jun is drawn to Kazuya because of the mysterious power she senses around him and hopes to free him from, whereas Kazuya's narration of the T2 story in the sixth game's Scenario Campaign has him merely recall how the mother of his son approached him "without fear" and was "mysterious" without offering anything more. TTT2, on the other hand, shows that neither character has any affinity, positive or negative, for the other despite their past history as lovers, and likewise, 7 shows exactly how Heihachi threw Kazuya into the ravine right at the beginning of the story mode: Jun was not involved one bit.
  • Wang Jinrei being Ling Xiaoyu's grandfather. While Xiaoyu indeed refers to him as "Grandpa" during the interlude to their fight in Wang's T5 story, this is not meant to be taken literally, but as a colloquialism in the vein of calling a random elder "Gramps." Wang is simply a distant relative of Xiaoyu's who once trained her in the past.

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