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  • Several characters are given fanon appearance traits due to the series having a very cartoony and simplistic style:
    • About every third fanfic mentions Kyle's gorgeous green eyes (with brown being the second most common color). But on the show, his eyes are drawn as white ovals with black dots for pupils. Who knows what Matt and Trey would say if you asked them what color Kyle's eyes really are. Japanese fan-artists tend to give Kyle brown or reddish eyes rather then the green western fans go for.
    • Kyle is, in fact, the only one of his friends whose eye color has not been mentioned. Stan has blue, and Kenny's are blue (originally hazel in a draft for "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" note ). Cartman is usually speculated to have brown eyes, although some will also give him blue or hazel due to the fact that he harvested Kenny's eyes for his own sight at the end of "The Succubus" (although being that the show can rely on Negative Continuity, this detail may also be suspect). Another headcanon eye color for Cartman that's been gaining popularity is that he's heterochromic, specifically with one brown eye and one blue. In fact, this headcanon's popularity has almost surpassed the idea of him having normal eyes.
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    • Before Kyle's hair was revealed to be red (and in his "Jewfro"), a lot of fanarts went with giving him straight brown hair or even black hair like Stan's. Those that did give him curly hair like Matt Stone still didn't take it as far as the show did!
    • Most characters have a set fanon eye color. You'll rarely see Butters or Craig with any color other than blue, brown and green are the most common eye colors for Tweek, both blue and brown eyes are extremely common for Clyde, Wendy either has brown eyes or inexplicably purple eyes, minor character Kevin Stoley usually has blue or brown eyes, etc.
    • It's fairly common to see fanart where Kyle is freckly, even though "Ginger Kids" specifically says that he's not.
    • Kenny is commonly depicted as freckled despite nothing in-series suggesting that he is.
    • After getting a ninja star lodged in his eye in "Good Times With Weapons", Butters is frequently depicted in fanart as having a scar going through said eye. Some take it a step further and even have him wearing a false eye, or otherwise suggest that the incident blinded his eye.
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    • Most fans thought Wendy cut her hair in "The Cissy", thus a lot of fanart from around that time depicts her with a pixie cut. A future episode shows her with her hair long again, implying that she simply shoved her hair into her hat.
    • Although Clyde's status as the "second fattest" kid was just a guess by Butters that Stan and Kyle jumped at for the chance of having a replacement to mock in Cartman's absence, there are fans that insist on drawing him just the least bit thicker than the other skinnier kids, or making him outright chubby, though with some muscle to contrast Cartman.
    • Craig is often depicted as taller than the other boys, since he's drawn with longer legs and his parents are the tallest parents shown. The physical in "T.M.I." also says he grew the most over the previous year.
    • It's also common for people to depict Craig with darker skin in fanart, the logic being that if he's The Chosen One of a Peruvian prophecy he must have some South American ancestry. Given that skin tone is pretty much the only racial feature the show's art style actually shows, he's probably just supposed to be a Mighty Whitey.
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    • Due to Cartman at one point off-handedly making fun of Craig's "fucked up teeth", it's fairly common to see fanart depicting Craig with braces. Oddly, some show his boyfriend Tweek having them instead. Maybe they're contagious?
  • Another part of fanon is that most of the cast is gay (not bi, though). Most of the boys, even Eric, have shown interest in girls on more then one occasion. Fanon never doubts that Butters is a flaming Camp Gay with a crush on either Cartman or Kenny. Besides Kenny and Stan, he may be the boy to have his sexuality stated most often. He's a Camp Straight. In the case of Butters, it's not just Yaoi Fangirls who see him as gay. A few gay fans relate to Butters, and you can't blame them with their other options.
  • Fans are also really attached to the idea that Butters' "Majorine" alter-ego and Kenny's "Princess Kenny" makes them trans girls, or at the very least genderfluid. In fact, when "The Cissy"note  first came out, some fans were actually surprised that there wasn't a single mention of Princess Kenny. Due to Wendy dressing up as a boy in "The Cissy" many fans took to her being a trans boy or nonbinary, considering how low-key it was compared to her usual protests. Some fans see Cartman as having gender dysphoria due to his crossdressing however the series seems to have jossed that.
  • In the episode where Clyde's mom dies, she mentions that Clyde has a sister. Pretty much every fanwork makes her a young adult or teenager, perhaps in part to explain why we've never explicitly seen her. Candidates from the show include a woman sitting next to Clyde's father during the funeral, or a teenager who sang at the funeral in a deleted scene.
  • There are a lot of fanon relationships that have perpetuated and been mistaken for actual canon due to some fans' persistence. These include: Kevin Stoley note  and Esther note  being fraternal twins due to both having black hair and similar clothing color schemes, Craig's sister being named "Ruby" (eventually Jossed; it's Tricia), Craig's father and Skeeter (the town redneck) being brothers, Red being Craig's cousin (due to Skeeter once implying she was his daughter), and other assorted details that usually apply to secondary/background classmates or the boys' siblings.
  • Fanon names:
    • Back in the pre-season 5 days of fandom, some fanfiction and sites assumed that Butters' real name was "Jim Swanson", due to him being referred to as "Swanson" in the "Conjoined Fetus Lady" script and episode, and a fan mishearing "Jill" (the character Butters was playing in the "Charlie's Angels" game in "Two Guys Naked In A Hot Tub") as "Jim". The Swanson name was put to rest when his surname of "Stotch" was revealed, though a later character named Jimmy did have the Swanson surname before the creators changed it to Valmer.
    • Another longstanding fanon was Kevin Stoley's surname beginning with a "C", based on mishearing his first canon name "Casey" as "K.C.". This lead to him being referred to as "Kevin C." in many fansites, though fans would rarely expand on what the C would stand for (although it would sometimes be "Charles" or "Chang", the latter to reinforce his Chinese heritage). "Kevin Mattrei" was also once used in fanfiction, but did not catch on for very long. Those who want to preserve the "C" have moved it to being Kevin's middle name, while keeping the Stoley surname.
    • Before the male Goths were finally revealed, Michael was often named Ethan (or Evan), Pete was Dylan, and Firkle was Georgie. These names actually originated with popular fanfic author Kyle_the_Skeptic in 2004-05ish. The one-shot movie characters Christophe (aka "The Mole") and Gregory received the respective fanon surnames of DeLorne (or DeLorn) and Thorne from a fanfic, which wound up spread around for a few years.
    • Kenny's mother was often called "Carol" by fans, as the name was used for the other main characters' mothers (primarily in Season 1, such as with Stan and Kyle's moms in "Death") before their own names were established, but her official name remained "Mrs. McCormick" for a long time. Word of God as far back as 1999 was that she had no name. In what may be a case of Ascended Fanon, this name was confirmed in South Park: The Fractured but Whole.
    • Stan's full name is often rendered by fans as "Stanley Randall Marsh", and this has been treated as canon, and even falsely attributed to an episode, with the middle name often assumed to come from his father, Randy. No episode suggests this, and series co-creator Trey Parker and his father Randy are both named Randolph, not Randall.
    • A rather infamous fanfic author at the official message board popularized the surname "Nommel" for Craig several years before he was canonically named "Craig Tucker".
    • Due to Red being called "Rebecca" in "The List", it's become popular for fanfiction writers to use that as her real name, with Red merely being a nickname.
  • Though an age difference (if any) was never given between the one-shot Cotswolds siblings in season 3, some fans have Rebecca as a year younger than Mark (making her technically a 2nd-grader when she appeared), or some will depict them as fraternal twins and Mark as the elder one. Kenny's first girlfriend Kelly also has some fanon circulating about her, such as the surname "Nelson" note , or that Sally Darson from "Butters' Bottom Bitch" is her cousin or twin sister, due to their similar appearances.
  • Red note  had quite a few fanon names and characterizations before the show writers decided to utilize her more with the other girls. In particular an early Pip-centric writer or two had latched on to her being seen with Pip in "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo" and "Summer Sucks" and called her "Biddy", after a character in Great Expectations (who had feelings for Pip). Others called her "Rachel" or "Mollie". Because she was either completely silent pre-season 6 or still didn't speak as much for a while after, she was a blank slate and portrayed as a silent stoic, an easily-frustrated foil to Wendy and Bebe, or more tomboyish. Some also latched on to the idea of portraying her as someone who has quite the lovers in aged-up fanworks, going off how the animators used to pair her off with Kevin for scenes, her angry jealous moment at seeing Rebecca Cotswolds flirt with Token in "Hooked On Monkey Fonics", and her being paired off with Annie in later background scenes.
  • It's very common in fanfics for a large majority of the cast to turn out gay, but you're hard pressed to find any fic at all in which Kenny isn't an Anything That Moves Ethical Slut.
  • A Wikipedia edit claimed an episode established Carol McCormick was sixteen when she gave birth to her son Kenny, which would suggest she was twelve years old when she gave birth to her older son, Kevin, while her husband is canonically in his thirties or forties. While many, many fans swear they heard it, this claim is nowhere to be found in any of the show's episodes. The false age has even shown up on the official site on occasion!
  • In the show, Craig's bedroom is often shown with space-themed decorations. Fanart sometimes adds to this (giving him those glow-in-the-dark stars on the wall seems pretty popular) while fanfic may portray him fascinated by space, dreaming of being an astronaut or astronomer, etc.

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