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The Sonic the Hedgehog series has a large fanbase with a rich history dating back to the 1990s. Naturally, throughout the years many fan ideas have popped up and become commonplace in the fandom. Quite a large amount of fanon is due to mixing adaptations (most prominently the Archie comics) with game canon.

  • While Sonic games aren't particularly known for having great continuity, one persistent fan theory would make Shadow, the series' resident Sonic clone, literally a copy of (Super) Sonic, despite having been genetically engineered fifty years before the series began. In Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic faces off against... well, Knuckles in the Hidden Palace Zone, a secret holding place for the Master Emerald. In the background of the battle is a mural that depicts a glowing, hedgehog-shaped thing flying and fighting a giant robot over an Emerald in what is Foreshadowing for the last level, in fact a prophecy created thousands of years earlier by the ancient Echidna civilization. Later in Sonic Battle, reading the diary of Professor Gerald, Shadow's creator, shows that the man has spent a great deal of time researching the very same Echidnas that made the above mural. This is insignificant on its own, until one considers that Shadow resembled Super Sonic much more than he resembles Sonic; both hover above the ground in place of running, both have tussled, unkempt-looking spines, both have red eyes, both are immortal (though in different ways), and both possess extraordinary control over the Chaos Emeralds. Although the implications of Sonic being a warrior of prophecy and Shadow being a copy of him via that prophecy could easily become one of the deepest aspects of the entire plot, it unfortunately doesn't seem like it will be capitalized on.
    • Another version of this theory is that Sonic was born the original Ultimate Lifeform while Shadow was just Gerald's attempt.
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    • Other suggestions based on the above are that Professor Gerald was not trying to copy history; rather he believed the mural was indeed of a warrior of prophecy and in his arrogance thought he could fulfil the prophecy, which was why he created Shadow in the image of Super Sonic, and a hedgehog. Justified in that Gerald wasn't the sanest of individuals even before he went crazy - and he did originally want Shadow to be a protector for Earth.
    • While the Ancient Echidnas might not know what it is, Gerald would understand that is a robot in the mural. He might have assumed it was one of GUN's robots that Super Sonic fights.
  • Everybody knows Sonic's hydrophobic... except he isn't; he has a normal fear of drowning considering he can't swim. Sonic's "hydrophobia" is only shown in one episode of Sonic Underground, has been expanded to a few episodes of Sonic X where he wouldn't even go to the seaside when he had a choice (while quite a few SegaSonic sources even say he loves the seaside), and popped up in Sonic Boom. To be fair, after Labyrinth Zone, we wouldn't be surprised if it made him hydrophobic.
  • Thanks to Sonic and the Black Knight having Shadow as Lancelot and Silver as Galahad, many fans considered the similarities between the two (certain abilities, personality traits, species and CHEST HAIR) and the fact that Shadow is immortal while Silver is from the future, and decided that Shadow is who Sonic Team has in mind as Silver's eventual father. Other evidence cited includes: A major point made is that the Round Table had lots of good, strong and famous knights, and Silver, not being a part of the story itself, could have been any one of them, but Sonic Team chose Galahad, son of Lancelot and said to be the most righteous knight of all. And they get a special winning animation in the Sochi Olympic Games too, which is intended for characters with some kind of relationship. There's a lot of father-son feeling in theirs, with Shadow looking sideways at Silver, and Silver trying to copy Shadow and look tough, when most of his winning poses have him floating around like a kid. Silver is an expy of Trunks and Shadow is often compared with Vegeta due to being The Rival of Sonic, who were father and son.
    • Though the most common theory was that Silver is Shadow's son (often with Amy) or descendant, the second most common theory is that he's Sonic's and Amy's Kid from the Future.
  • The game Shadow the Hedgehog gave the titular character the ability to carry and use weapons, usually guns of one type or another. Some fans had already decided that, because (in canon) someone very important to him was shot, Shadow hated guns and would never use them. To be fair, reasons for this assumption also included his rather pronounced superiority complex and the fact that he could throw Chaos Spears around with his mind, thus rendering common ballistic projectiles somewhat redundant.
  • There was a theory going around for a while that the Babylonians built Emerl, due to the text calling the awakened Gizoid a god at one point, and the legend stating that Babylon was destroyed by an angry god for their hubris. Naturally, Chronicles laid this one to rest... at least before the game was rendered non-canon due to legal issues.
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  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) created a bit of a Continuity Snarl with Blaze the Cat; in Sonic Rush (her introduction) she was supposedly from another universe, while in 2006, she was from the future. However, in the end of 2006, she was sealed in another dimension. While 2006 ended with a Reset Button, fans attempted to reconcile the two plot lines by stating that the dimension Blaze sealed herself in was the one from Rush. Rush Adventure, which was released after '06, josses this theory, as it's stated that Blaze belongs to a royal family that has existed in that dimension for generations. According to Iizuka at Summer Boom 2012, Blaze is indeed from the Sol Dimension (as seen in Rush), although that doesn't quite explain why she's in Crisis City in Generations with the implications that she remembers being at Crisis City (unless you want to Hand Wave it as a Mythology Gag of sorts).
  • A very common concept in fan fiction is that only certain people, usually called "Chaos Adepts," can use the Emeralds and their powers. Usually, they also can't be human. In canon, however, anyone who has actually tried has been shown to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds, with about two-thirds of the main cast using them at least once. The closest this comes to canon is Shadow and Knuckles, who have a few unique powers due to being genetically engineered for them and having a connection to the Master Emerald, respectively; and Omega once implying that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have similar abilities to Shadow.
  • Related is the above idea is that Tails can't use them, despite Word of God stating that the only reason he doesn't is because he's young and inexperienced; that he's used them since then; and Omega, as mentioned, referring to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as "Shadow-like."
  • Almost any time someone draws (or writes) Amy as a teenager or adult, she's depicted with long quills (or outright hair) that go past her shoulders. The main exceptions are Sonic the Comic Amy and Sonic Boom Amy, who keep their bob haircut.
  • Besides shippers, Maria and Shadow's relationship is usually presented as a sibling one.
  • Bean and Bark as villains is this. Their official bios don't imply they're villainous at all and it's implied they're friends of Sonic in the official backstory to Sonic the Fighters. However Bean's mischievous nature, combined with his bomb usage, and Bark's imposing design and mean-looking expression made fans believe they were. This isn't helped by the bios being Japanese-only. Sometimes they are an outright Terrible Trio with Fang. It was eventually made Ascended Fanon in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) and Sonic Generations.
  • The whereabouts of most of the characters parents are never discussed and most characters live on their own despite being Kid Heroes. Fans have come up with common explanations, with most characters conveniently being orphans:
    • Tails is assumed to be an orphan. Alternative, he was abandoned by his parents for having two tails (this takes some inspiration from AoStH).
    • Sonic is typically seen as either having just run away from home to be by himself (this comes from an old backstory from Sonic the Hedgehog Technical Files that Sonic used to live on Christmas Island until he became bored and left) or being an orphan as well.
    • Amy canonically lives by herself according to various titles. Fans often either have her as living with her parents or have her parents be an important presence in her life. This is in order to emphasise her "normality" compared to everyone else. Amy usually gets her pelt colour from her mother. Some fans have Amy being adopted by humans, which explains her unusual name. The alternative is that Amy is an orphan, explaining why she lives alone.
    • Vanilla is Cream's single mother, however Cream's dad is never referenced. Thus most fans pin him as dead, with a less common take being that he abandoned Cream and Vanilla.
    • Knuckles is the last echidna alive but it's never specified what happened to his parents. It's generally assumed they were killed somehow. A variation that isn't incompatible is that Knuckles was born already alone, as echidnas hatch from eggs and Knuckles doesn't remember his parents.
  • On the Sonic/Amy shipping side of the fanbase, fan-sons will usually be given a speed-related name, like "Dash" or "Flash", while daughters usually have more typical names. If the children aren't either blue or pink, they will have purple fur. Only on rare occasions will fan-daughters have names that relate to being fast, such as Mehira.
    • If Amy is emigrated into Sonic Underground fanon, she is crowned Sonic's queen consort and rules Mobius with him (despite it being heavily implied in the show that all three triplets were to be ruling together even though by virtue of Sonic being the eldest he is to wear the Crown). In addition, their children (normally the firstborn of them) are heirs to the kingdom. She is also sometimes even made the fourth member of the band too, with her own medallion(s) and instrument to play in the musical numbers (usually a bass guitar or a piano similar to Sonia's). In addition, while queen consorts on Earth have little to no power per se (even when their position is constitutionally or statutorily recognized), Amy would at least be afforded some of the powers that Sonic would have as King.
  • The theory that Shadow's memories of Maria are fake and that he never met her. This was an idea that was toyed around with, but the games later went with Shadow's memories being true. In Sonic X, however, it's implied that Shadow's memories are false and that he never even met Maria (for example, his view on her death and the view given by her killer are different).
  • Though not the most common fanon, many fans believe Amy's full name to be "Amelia Rose". In canon, it's just "Amy Rose". One game showed that her full name is "Amy Rose the Hedgehog", but that hasn't appeared elsewhere and usually "the [x]" is treated as a title.
  • There is no official game-canon term for Funny Animal characters. Terms have been thrown around like "anthros", "fauna", or just "animals", but by far the most common one is "mobian". It's used even by those who acknowledge that games take place on Earth. The term comes from old westernized canon and (and even cartoon adaptations) where Sonic lived on a planet called "Mobius" and all anthropomorphic animals were "mobians". Sega has vetoed all references to "Mobius" with the cancellation of the Archie's comics, meaning the species is highly unlikely to be named "mobian" in the games officially.
  • The fandom has been very slow on the intake that the games don't take place on a planet called "Mobius" that is populated by Funny Animals. They take place on a planet that is officially either "Earth" or "Sonic's World". Said planet prominently features humans alongside talking animals. In fanworks, you'll typically see Sonic's planet be referred to as "Mobius" (even in ones that otherwise follow game canon). In order to make Sonic's world sound more fantastic, it's named "Mobius" rather than just "Earth". A large reason for this confusion is due to the popularity of the Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) comic, which, prior to the Continuity Reboot, did take place on Mobius. Many adaptations such as Sonic X and Sonic Boom also have Sonic living on a World of Funny Animals, which strengthens the belief.
  • The Sonic Boom incarnations of the characters as older than their mainstream versions. Fans aren't concrete on Sonic and Knuckles' ages, however Amy is seen as a teenager and Tails is seen as being at least ten years old. This is due to their more mature looking designs and older seeming personalities. Word of God is that they're the same age as their normal incarnations (ie, Amy is twelve and Tails is eight).
  • The "classic" games taking place when the characters were younger. This is due to the timeline placement of the games, the chubbier and kiddier look of Sonic and Tails, and the fact Amy aged up from eight to twelve. Despite that, Sonic was canonically a teenager in the pre-Adventure games and he was actually aged down from sixteen to fifteen for Adventure. In Sonic Generations the "classic" characters are confirmed to be younger versions of the characters, however Sonic Forces retconned them into being from a separate dimension. However, a common interpretation is that the events of Generations created a split timeline, so that the Classic characters are from the past relative to the Modern ones, just the past of a different timeline.
  • Sonic is sixteen as of Sonic Generations. This also explains the deeper voice of Sonic's post-Colors English voice actor. Sega, however, treats the game as an Ageless Birthday Episode and thus Sonic is still fifteen.
  • Amy using "Sonikku" as an Affectionate Nickname is near-omnipresent in fan works. This comes from the Japanese pronounciation of Sonic's name.
  • A number of fans believe that Sonic is a nickname and his real name is "Maurice", which he hates. This is due to the Archie comic having Sonic's middle name as Maurice prior to the Truer to the Text reboot. His first name was supposed to be "Olgilvie", however that was never written into the comics. Other Archie comic writers have ignored that as his name and treat "Sonic" as his name.
  • According to fans, Maria Robotnik died in the 1950s or early 1960s. This is despite the games having no stated time period. They don't look very futuristic, so fans assume they take place contemporary with their releases. Maria's clothes and the general atmosphere of the flashbacks seems to allude to the mid-1900s as well. If we're going by Sonic X, however, Maria actually died in the 21st century (Gerald's diary is dated to "20XX").
  • Maria Robotnik was a Child Prodigy. This is due to her being from a family of super-geniuses, so fans believe it runs in the family.
  • There's a belief that Maria was a bit of a trouble-maker due to being the only child on ARK, with her sweetness being somewhat deliberate.
  • A number of fans believe that Tails is really a girl who is mistaken for a boy or passing for a boy. This is due to people mistaking him for a girl (including some translations) and the belief that he was conceived as female. An alternative take on the theory is that he's a trans boy. These fanons are rarely taken too seriously, however it also led to the fanon that Tails gets mistaken for a girl a lot in-universe.
  • For whatever reason, both fans and haters of Amy Rose have a tendency to exaggerate her post-flanderization love towards Sonic to the point where she's a yandere.
  • It's common for Sonic to call Amy "Ames" as a pet name in Sonamy fics or fics where they both have a friendly relationship.
    • It's also common in Shadamy fics for Shadow to call Amy "Rose".
  • Sonic the Comic:
    • Amy and her friend Tekno as a Battle Couple. This is due to to their Romantic Two-Girl Friendship combined with the fact Amy's crush on Sonic is near-nonexistent in the comic. This is Ascended Fanon as of a Sonic the Comic – Online! comic written by one of the original comic's writers.
    • Super Sonic is usually referred to by the Fan Nickname of "Fleetway". Fleetway published the comic but many mistake it for Super Sonic's name.
    • By the end of Sonic the Comic, everyone being older than their game canon ages. The comic keeps their ages intentionally vague; however, there are implications that Sonic and Knuckles are at least eighteen and Amy is never treated like an eight year old. It's generally assumed that Amy is in her mid-to-late teens, Tails is nearing teenagehood, and the rest are in their late teens or early twenties.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) / Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • Any time Bunnie Rabbot appears in fanart, there is a good chance she will be depicted with breasts on par with Rouge'sespecially when placed next to Sally Acorn — or as an Amazonian Beauty. Often both.
    • Fans tend to latch onto Sally Acorn's Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal design due to deviating from the main series's infamously strict "dress code", and frequently attempt to provide some in-universe justification as to why Sally doesn't wear a full outfit like the rest of the female cast. This generally ranges between two intepretations: Sally being an Innocent Fanservice Girl who simply dislikes wearing clothes and finds being "nude" to be more comfortable, or Sally being a Shameless Fanservice Girl who deliberately rebels against the setting's dress code and couldn't care less about what others think. In either case, expect her to assert that her own fur is sufficient when questioned.
    • A fan artist depicted Prince Elias as having a ponytail in erotic art of him, prettying him up a bit. Now it's rather easy to find fanart of Prince Elias as having a ponytail, which has led to some folk who are fans of the comic continuity without reading the comic itself (gushing about shows you don't watch?) finding themselves surprised when official art "cuts off" Elias' ponytail.
    • In her earlier appearances where she wore nothing but accessories, Fiona Fox feature peach-ish-colored belly fur. Fanon often portrays her midriff-baring, post-Face–Heel Turn redesign with this design trait, even though Fiona's belly fur color is now consistent with the rest of her body in canon.
  • Humans and Funny Animal characters live separately for the most part. Humans generally prefer urban areas while animals prefer more rural areas. In human-centric areas like Station Square and Central City, Funny Animal characters are the Token Minority, while the City from Sonic Forces is predominantly animal oriented. This fanon is used to explain the lack of animal NPCs in games and explain why Sonic Forces has no humans. Word of God explains it as Sonic Forces taking place on a World of Funny Animals, but this isn't confirmed in-game, so fans have made up theories about where the humans are — especially as GUN, an organization made up of humans, has been given the Chuck Cunningham treatment since Sonic Generations.
  • The default wolf Avatar from Sonic Forces who is used in most of the game's promotional material has been nicknamed "Gadget the Wolf" by the fandom despite only ever being called "buddy" or "rookie" in-game. He is universally used in fanart to portray the Avatar consistently, instead of having a different appearance every time.
  • Infinite pre-Phantom Ruby is often called "Zero", based on a name used in some of his concept art.
  • Sonic's aversion to romance is more because he's scared of settling down and giving up his free lifestyle than an actual lack of interest in relationships.
  • Tails hates being called "Miles". This fanon likely originates from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. An alternate, though not incompatible, fanon is that Tails will stop going by "Tails" when he's older.
  • It's pretty common to depict a teenage or adult Tails wearing goggles.
  • Tails is usually depicted and referred to in fan-works as either having red, orange, or yellow fur. According to Adventure 2 at least, his fur is "fox brown". Later games and media, however, do consistently refer to his color as yellow... Even if he actually looks reddish or orange.
  • Maria being twelve at the time of her death is cited as fact. In canon, she has a Vague Age.
  • Cream being either the result of a Teen Pregnancy or Vanilla having had her in her early twenties. Vanilla has a Vague Age, but she looks pretty young and 20-year old Vector likes her in Sonic X so fans typically pin her as in her late-20s at oldest.
  • There's a trend amongst fans to give the male characters clothes as they grow into adults. This can be anywhere from just shirts and jackets to the characters being Fully Dressed Cartoon Animals. Oftentimes this is done because it's an easy way to distinguish between their teen and adult designs, besides only height.
  • Shadow's favorite colour is often attributed as either black (because of his fur), blue (because of Maria's eyes and her preference for blue), or rock colorsnote  (obviously dark and edgy as Shadow).
  • The leader of G.U.N. is named Abraham. This comes from the Archie comics and has been adopted for game canon by fans as well.
  • The name of Shadow the Hedgehog's hypothetical daughter will usually be Maria, as a honor to the girl Shadow befriended and lost in his early days.
  • If Maria Robotnik was revived, she'd be a yellow-furred hedgehog. This is due to a commonplace fan design for "Maria the Hedgehog".
  • The idea of Shadow transforming into a human so he can love Maria the human, due to Bestiality Is Depraved, does exist,note  but is much, much rarer than the Maria the Hedgehog concept mentioned above.
  • Outside of fanfics who feature OC hedgehogs, hedgehogs are deemed a rare species of Funny Animal. They're not a dying species like echidnas, but they're not commonplace. This is used to explain why Sonic keeps on getting mistaken hedgehogs that he looks nothing like.
  • Some fans will make it so that Silver's circular Tron Lines on his gloves as part of his body. Some will also do the same with Blaze's red gem/bindi on her forehead.
  • Sonic Underground
    • While the identity of Queen Aleena's husband, the true King of Mobius, remains a mystery in the show, many fans speculate that it could be a version of Jules Hedgehog from the Archie comics.
  • Chaos, the water god-like being, will be used in place of God in some expressions in some fanworks, such as "Oh my Chaos!" Other gods, such as Light Gaia, may be used, but Chaos is rather the most common.
  • It's often mentioned in fan-works (especially Shadow/Maria or Sonic/Elise ones) that, while human/Funny Animal relationships are not illegal, they are looked down upon by both species.
  • In fan-art depicting the characters as human, there are a few frequent elements: Tails will wear goggles, Sonic will have Shonen Hair, and Knuckles will either be a white Long-Haired Pretty Boy or a darker-skinned Dreadlock Warrior. Shadow will also be black, and wear dark leather jackets with a fur trim on the collar to emulate his usual look.
  • Sonic Underground: Sonia and Manic don't have known eye colors. In fan-works, they're almost always given blue and brown eyes.
  • If there's the Jackal Squad, there must be other squads consisting of canines, such as a Fox or Wolf Squad.
  • Amy Rose will have a Flower Motif concerning roses (her last name, duh) and rose metaphors will be common in fanworks focused on Amy.
  • Maria was fond of music, in particular 1940s-1950s jazz such as Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. This rubbed off onto Shadow.
  • A number of fans believe that Amy is either colorblind or nearsighted because she's mistaken both Shadow and Silver for Sonic.
  • In the Shadow DLC of Sonic Forces, Rouge and Shadow make mention of an "Intelligence Division". Fanon is that they're referring to G.U.N, who is otherwise absent in the game, instead of the Resistance.
  • It's never mentioned what happened to Maria's parents, so fans assume she is Conveniently an Orphan. One of her parents, usually her mother, died of NIDS themself. This is supported by Japanese info describing NIDS as a "hereditary immune deficiency syndrome", meaning Maria inherited it from her parents.
  • Canonically, Sonic's full name is "Sonic the Hedgehog", however many fanworks tend to have his full name be Sonic "Needlemouse" instead.note 
  • Whenever the female Funny Animals are shown with midriff-baring outfits in the games, their stomachs tend to be of the same fur color as the rest of their bodies, as opposed to being the same color as their muzzles like with male characters such as Sonic and Tails. Fan artists, however, generally prefer to use the latter style when depicting the gals in more revealing outfits, or as Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animals in the same vein as Sally Acorn and the guys in general (if not for other purposes). In Amy's case, it has become a trend to give her a heart-shaped, peach-colored patch of fur (or skin) on her exposed chest when appearing unclothed, usually to better emphasize her characterization as a Love Freak and make her a true Distaff Counterpart to Sonic.
  • Fan artists often give Amy a turtle neck dress collar as opposed to the white stripe her dress sports in-game canon.
  • The heights of Sonic and the other characters. While the Sonic channel lists Sonic's height as 3'3 or 100 cm, a lot of games are pretty inconsistent in Sonic's size. Most infamously are the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games which has Marionote  and Sonic at the same height. A common fanon for Sonic's height is his classic version being 3'3 and Modern Sonic being 5'1, with the other characters' modern design's height being added or subtracted with the same number difference from Sonic's height on the Sonic Channel.
  • Whether it's Ova-related, a fan redesign, or an au fan comic, Knuckles Ova hat tends to make a reappearance in different fan works. The hat's reappearance in Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle added fuel to this fire.
  • Fan art commonly depicts Blaze as being aquaphobic - to an even greater than Sonic - by virtue of being a cat. This is in addition to her canon fear of heights, as seen in Sonic Rush.
  • Thanks to the discovery of one piece of official art miscoloring Tails' shoes as blue in 2020, it has become common in more recent fanworks to depict Tails as wearing blue shoes instead of his canon red ones.
  • While Classic Super Sonic is canonically depicted to have the same black eyes as his normal form, it’s not uncommon to see him portrayed as having green eyes in fanworks instead, largely due to his in-game sprite from Sonic 3 & Knuckles depicting him with them. Some even use the idea of him gaining green eyes after turning Super as an In-Universe explanation as to why Sonic had suddenly gained green eyes in his later appearances.
  • A common fan theory as to why G.U.N. mistook Sonic for Shadow and arrested him in Sonic Adventure 2 is that they didn’t actually mistake him for Shadow, but rather, they used him as a scapegoat to cover up the existence of Shadow to the public. While this does make sense given the agency’s morally ambiguous nature, there’s nothing in-game to suggest that this is the case.

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