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As a School Idol series that is filled with Yuri subtext and teases, many fans often come up with fanons of the characters and its stories.
  • While this was mostly treated as a joke, any one of the Third Years (Nico and Dia are the most prominent examples) are often seen as an actual Third Wheel of the Third Years group.

Love Live!

  • It's pretty common in the Japanese fandom to depict Kotori as dominant when paired with Umi. This actually goes against their canon depictions, as Umi orders Kotori around more than once in the anime.
  • Some fans have pointed out that Eli's skindetation on her lower part implies that she's a trans woman.
  • In a minor extent: Some fans also prefer to pair both director Minami and Mrs. Nishikino despite being married. It helps that the School Idol Diary implies that they had a previous connection to each other.
  • One of the most common depictions of the female singer in The School Idol Movie as Honoka's even older sister, a a figment of Honoka's imagination, or even her future counterpart.
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  • Eli and Nozomi is also drawn in their future appearances as a married couple, along with their children.

Love Live! Sunshine!!

  • This series is also a popular source for love child-themed fanfictionsnote :
    • As seen in the image above, both Ruby and Dia had a tendency for being portrayed as Nico Yazawa & Maki Nishikino's "true" birth daughters due to their precious stones they're named after (and if this is not subtle enough, they also inherit their image colors, and Dia possessing the same mole like Maki's mother (albeit in a different postition)). Whether they will have logical or illogical origins merely varies, due to the existence of the sisters' real mother in Season 1, Episode 13. And then there's Tsuki in the Over The Rainbow movie, which is also speculated as one of Nico and Maki's (very first and) older daughter (which makes it three children) due to inheriting the same bangs from Nico's and Maki's eye colors. Like the Kurosawa sisters, the love child's (true) surname (Watanabe) is also an entirely different matter of debate.
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    • Riko also tends to be seen as Maki & Umi's daughter, mostly because of possessing piano skills and her amazement to the sea in one episode.She has to seen also as Iori Minase from 'The iDOLM@STER' and Kyouko Sakura from 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica's daughter, Because her hair color is matching with Kyouko's hair color and their Surname and her Viola's skill like Iori showing in Shiny Festa ED. Then many Love Liver and IM@S fans think if Riko and Rin Shibuya from 'THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls' is Umi and Chihaya's daughter, Because Rin and Riko have many similarities with Chihaya and Umi.
    • You's (and by extension, the generic Otonokizaka from S1EP13 and the kindergartner from S2EP04) as Rin (or Kotori depending on any condition) & Hanayo's daughter à la Arashi no Naka no Koi dakara.But many people think if You is Rin and Kotori's mom and Hanayo is her elder sister with Yukiho Hagiwara from 'The iDOLM@STER'.
    • The Honoka lookalike in Season 1, Episode 12 as Honoka & Tsubasa's. (It helps that the lookalike possesses Honoka's hairstyle and Tsubasa's green eyes.) Likewise, the lookalike's real mother is pretty much dismissed as a guardian.
    • Mari also tends to be seen as Nozomi and Eli's daughter despite being born as an Italian-Americannote . And since several fans also sees Kanan as Umi and Eli's daughter, whether their parental relationship is entirely Netorare-fuelled or a One True Threesome is up to the fanfic writers.
  • After the Second Season's 5th Episode, Yoshiko and Riko mothers are portrayed as lesbians (with the former also portrayed as queer person, mostly due to the lack of mention to her husband), either as friendly or remarried.
  • The country that Mari stayed at for two years prior to her return in the anime is never stated in-show, but it's commonly believed to be the USA, if only because of her ancestry and her Gratuitous English.
  • Because of Dia's favorite µ's member as Eli, Many fans often portrayed her as an extremely obsessive fan (sometimes to the point of stalking) to her.
  • It's not uncommon for fan artists to depict the characters with some of the traits of their seiyuus. This gets amusing at times with Mari being the shortest of the group while Hanamaru is the tallest (whereas it's the opposite in canon) due to the heights of their seiyuus.
  • Thanks to Mari's "Big "OMG!"" moment in Season 1, Episode 12, several of the fans associate her with the Joestar family bloodline.
  • The scene from the final song where everyone is performing in their "Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare" outfits and the audience's light sticks are glowing pink is commonly interpreted to be a reference to the infamous 1st Live incident.
  • A depiction of Mari having two mothers (one based on her original, brunette-haired appearance in Season 2, Episode 10, and the other based on her appearance in the movie) is created by a Korean fanartist named Onti999. The depiction also gained a (very small) following to other Twitter artists.

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