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  • Used in Haunted Mansion and the Hatbox Ghost, as the vague backstory of the original Haunted Mansion ride had to be fixed to be a convenient setting; and what better way to achieve that than to decide that the canon of the stories would be the headcanons of the authors of the fanfics?
  • It's commonly accepted among the readers of Advice and Trust that Kaworu is a masochist, since he finds Rei to be beautiful when she's angry at him. The author has shot down this theory, but that doesn't stop him from putting in stuff like this:
    Rei: “I have slapped you, yelled at you, and I threaten to kill you in practically every conversation we have ever had, and this turns you on?”
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  • For no very clear reason, the Dragon Age: Inquisition fandom has given the name of Jim to the hapless scout who interrupts the first kiss between Cullen and a romanced female Inquisitor. This gets a nod in All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird, where Jim is the central figure in chapter 19 and is shown to have a propensity for stumbling into all sorts of humiliating situations throughout Skyhold.


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