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These are recommendations made by Tropers for authors and sites of Touhou fanfic, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own finding to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. You can do it by expanding on the synopsis and/or pertinent tags, or linking similar or related fanfics. Reviews are also encouraged, but please make sure to make reviews have substance; if you simply want to recommend a fic without an extensive review, put your troper name in the Recommended by line of the fic in question. Please use the discussion page for conversations about fics.


Asatsuki Dou's Scarlet Devil, Working at the SDM, Happiness and Happy End

Edge of Perspective

  • Recommended by Nazeo
  • Synopsis: A roleplaying Wiki & IRC based on the Touhou Universe.
    • You can find the server by setting it to and joining the channel #Gensoukyou. Or, by visiting the IRC Guide. Or ask one of the admins to help you.

Gensoukyou: Eastern Story

  • Synopsis: A roleplaying community based on the Touhou Universe.
    • You can join either by joining on the community page or going onto the irc server and joining the channel #Touhou_OOC. Assistance available on this tinychat

Kimiko Muffin's website

Nakatani's various works:

And To Call Your Name.
  • Recommended by Person With Many Aliases
  • Synopsis:
    • Spectral Feelings: (Yukari/Reimu) A jealous Yukari makes Reimu see only the color purple.
    • Tsukinaki: (Mokou/Keine) Mokou struggles with a weakening Spell Card, and Keine struggles with her mortality.
    • Unfair Randomizer: (Yukari/Ran) Yukari awakens from her hibernation and reflects on her first meeting with Ran.
    • Melting Gensoukyo: (Maribel/Renko. Platonic, but I mean, really.) Maribel disappears, and Renko searches for her. Meanwhile, Yukari has an interesting conversation with Reimu.
    • Luminous Butterfly: "Yukari... like to do things that feel good. I want to eat delicious food, learn new things, and look at pretty things. When these cherry blossoms bloom, that feeling becomes even stronger. Aah.... I'd like to ask the one under the Saigyou Ayakashi. Does it feel good to die?"
    • And To Call Your Name: Fujiwara no Mokou finds herself talking to Hieda no Akyuu, and ponder the limit of their memories.

Patchouli's Scarlet Library

  • Recommended by Moerin
  • Synopsis: The fanfic board of one of the main players in the western Touhou community.

Possibility of Interminable Reciprocity

  • Recommended by Gamerofthegame, Zemyla, Sayonara
  • Synopsis: A Touhou Roleplay forum, with a close adherence to canon (not that there's much of it).
    • Po IR also has an associated IRC channel on the Darkmyst network. Visitors are welcome at any time! More information on that can be found here

Tired/Warm's Writing

  • Recommended by Strychninepocky
  • Synopsis: A series of stories that seems very inspired by the previously mentioned bad ends threads. The first is ostensibly about coming to Gensokyo, meeting Yuuka, and life with her - but from then on out, things get... Weird. Increasing amounts of Canon Welding and some weird dream(?) sequences abound.

Touhou Love Stories: The Bad Ends

  • Recommended by Zemyla, Brickman
  • A series of stories of love stories between you, the reader, and various Touhou characters. They're sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming, and they all end badly. There are seven pages of them as well.


  • Recommended by Gamerofthegame
  • Synopsis: A roleplay MUCK based in the Touhou Universe.
    • The MUCK also has its own Live journal page, where members are encouraged to put up the logs of the scenes. (The roleplaying) This can be found here.
  • You can input the address ( and port (22069) into your favorite client to get there. Alternatively you can use the Telnet client, which is on most computers, and input this into your favorite browser's url: telnet:// (And you can log in as a Guest for questions about the whole thing, too.)


  • Recommended by Gunpowder Wizard
  • Synopsis: His works usually takes the form of X vs Y.

  • Recommended by Vodoka, Kchasm, and colBoh
  • Imageboard that's home to many English Touhou fanfics. This in itself wouldn't be too interesting, but all of the stories on site are written in choose your own adventure style, except that instead of one going through the story alone, readers vote on next action that protagonist should take and discuss the story, so perhaps more fitting term would be Interactive Fiction. This whole deal has been going for some time, and by now the stories on the site cover almost every genre from Slice of Life to murder mysteries. All of this with at least some kind of Touhou undertone.
    • Bit of a background on this whole thing. The first story, Waking up in Gensokyo was started on 4chan's /jp/, but after it turning into too big of a bother and cluttering the board completely, the writer(and some other people) got banned and threads were deleted. After a day of consideration the story moved to with readers following it.
    • Be warned that some of the threads contain NSFW scenes, as whenever they can the players tend to steer stories towards h-scenes. Fortunately outside the clearly labeled 18+ board any NSFW images will be spoilered behind a "NSFW" picture and textual NSFW content will mostly be short scenes that you'll be able to see coming a good ways off.
    • Being an imageboard and with a culture that's generally different then most fanfiction sites, they added a general etiquette post to help new readers ease into to posting, voting and writing, the life blood of the site. As always with any image board, lurk moar and get involved, you'll be rewarded with qualitative writing (YMMV) and a sense of agency that normal fiction can't provide.
    • The site also maintains a Writing Advice thread (Thread 1 and at Thread 5 for the current one as of now) to help new or prospective writers as well as a place for established writers to give advice.
      • They also have IRC channels at #thp and #eientei on Rizon. You can connect through the main page if you want to talk to site staff, writers, or readers.

Spaztique, Fanfiction channel, youtube channel, DeviantArt channel

  • Recommended by Blue Bird
  • Synopsis: A good author who actually thinks about making the story realistic. His greatest work so far is the famous Web Animation//Diamond In The Rough Touhou, which is a deconstruction of the usual formula of "A teenager got gapped by Yukari into Gensokyo to solve an incident only he can solve with his overpowered abilities." Another one is Flight of the Steel Butterfly which is an interesting take on the usual formula above: It's not about the teenager, it's about his big sister, who chases him to Gensokyo to save him. It's still only three chapters for now, but is proving to be good and interesting.
    • Also makes many guides in writing, from this, this, this, and even this. He even makes guides for other than writing, like this two for example.


  • Recommended by LoonyLoon
  • Synopsis: A talented and prolific writer. Best known for the wonderful A Day in the Life of a Doll, but has a vast array of other no less quality fics.

Usually Dead's website


  • Recommended by Universalperson
  • While not explicitly Touhou related, this site is home to several Touhou flash movies, as well as create.swf, which lets you basically create your own Touhou pictures and/or comics. Also, DEATH BY YUYUKO!

Willie G.R.


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