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This rec page is for fanfiction related to the Marvel Ultimates Franchise. Any troper can recommend a fic, with the condition that they sign their username. Recommendations without signed usernames will be removed. Signed usernames allow readers to find similar fics based on the troper's tastes.

Remember your tv tropes etiquette. Use the Fanfic Recommendations Form. The Fanfic Recs page is for summaries and brief comments only; any in-depth discussion belongs on its own page.


Authors and Websites

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Super Soldier by T. L. Veselka

  • Recommended by: Grigor II
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Super Soldier program is aborted, SHIELD will no longer investigate how to replicate it or wake up Captain America. Bruce Banner awakens him with an experimental procedure, and runs away with him.
  • Tags: Original Flavour


Content with Dreaming by Iron Lawyer

  • Recommended by: error-cascade
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An AU of ults where Tony Stark is a prostitute. Steve saves him from an attempted sexual assault and is forced to confront his own repressed desires.
  • Tags: Violence, attempted sexual assault, mature content, repression, internalized homophobia, humour, misunderstandings.


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