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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth surviving a car-hood to the face:

These are recommendations made by Tropers for The Love Bug, so please be sure to sign them all. No-name recommendations will be Zapped and the perpetrators be locked in an angry Volkswagen Beetle. Also warn if your fic contains mature content such as sexual moments, swearing, blood and gore, etc. Racing's a dirty sport after all, not for the faint of heart. Keep your synopses and reviews short and share as much as you can with your other tropers in the Discussion page.


Migration to Required Format

Note that this page has migrated to the required format specified in Fanfic Recommendations, and that this format puts reviews for a fanfic on separate pages. As a transitional step, existing reviews (and review-like comments) have been moved to a list at the end of the recommendation. Authors of reviews (and review-like comments) should migrate them to separate pages using the "Add Review" links.

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