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[1] is a fanfiction written by rasEnshur1KEn for Naruto. First published on May 10, 2013, it has since gone on to (as of this writing) 138 chapters (including a prologue, a 'gaiden', and a brief note). Also notable in that the author did everything in his power to keep up with canon and allow it to adhere to canon as closely as possible before eventually being forced to just let it me a complete AU when enough developments in canon unfolded to make it impossible to continue reconciling the two without causing massive continuity headaches.


Starting in the time of chapter 629 of the original manga, the 4th Great Shinobi War has started to become increasingly bleak after the successful reawakening of the Juubi. And after the death of Sasuke, plus the death and grievous wounding of everyone else Naruto has ever cared for, Naruto is given the chance to start over and fix everything when Felix Yoshoryuu, a powerful warrior from the land between dimensions and of the same race as the Sage of Six Paths himself (and all who have since inherited his title), arrives and intervenes. Using a powerful seal, Naruto and Felix travel back in time to the night of Naruto's birth, planning to allow Naruto a 2nd chance at life, and at successfully defeating the Jubi and various other villains associated with it. Unfortunately, with all the changes that do get made, things only get more difficult when this time travel inspires Raizen Genshukuayatsuri, a powerful ancient enemy from the same dimension as Felix and former friend turned archenemy of the 2nd to take on the mantle of Sage of Six Paths, gets inspired to get involved himself to attempt to enact a devastating plan of his own. And as things begin to eventually become more and more complicated by virtue of Raizen's plotting, the antics of various other villains from both Naruto's home dimension and that of Raizen and Felix, multiple other people from Naruto's home dimension getting in on the truth of the matter, and various other problems and developments, Naruto, Felix, and everyone else on their side finds themselves going through increasingly tough challenges to save their world from not only the fate it had already just barely avoided before, but also a potentially even worse one.


The work provides examples of:

  • Big-Bad Ensemble: Madara and Obito are already around to cause trouble with the Juubi from the very beginning of the story, as per canon, and they still continue to cause trouble over the course of the new timeline. Raizen makes himself a brand new active threat for Naruto and Felix to worry about not too long after the timeline is reset. And he, Madara, and Obito are later joined in by the likes of Orochimaru, Akatsuki, Pain, and various other villains from both Naruto's home dimension and the land between dimensions from which Felix is from.
  • For Want of a Nail: Despite all his training, Naruto proves ultimately still not yet strong enough to successfully defeat the Juubi and save everyone at the beginning of the story. And if it hadn't been for Felix's timely arrival, Madara and the Juubi would very likely have won altogether.
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  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: The main initial premise of the story, with Felix arriving to help Naruto go back in time to set things right after the Juubi almost manages a complete and utter victory.


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