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Team Fortress 2 has generated an incredible amount of machinima and voice mashups for an MMORPG FPS. So much so that they now have their own page!

These are recommendations made by tropers for Team Fortress 2 machinima, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a machinima of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. After a few samples, you will be able to note the interests of the tropers recommending them, and judge whether you might be also interested in a certain 'fic.


Reviews of machinima are encouraged, but if you choose to write one, please make it substantive, and give specific details about what you liked / disliked in the machinima. If you want to give a machinima a thumbs-up without writing a full review, you can add your troper handle to the Recommendations Line. Please refrain from posting "Comments" or Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

If you are adding a machinima, please use the template-format on the Fanfic Recommendations Index Page.

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Anything by kungfubellydancer

  • Recommended by Sesquipedalia, Anyar, LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: A master of the SFM, kungfubellydancer has taken the Source engine out of the Uncanny Valley and into their gallery of stunning TF2 animations.

Anything by The Winglet

  • Recommended by TheWildWestPyro, lalaTKG, BossKey, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Winner of multiple Saxxy Awards, The Winglet makes high-quality SFM animations often with a focus on comedy and/or action.
  • Comments: The humor comes across great, the speech isn't awkwardly inserted and sounds natural, and it's very well animated.

Anything by Gzero91

  • Recommended by Dont Kill Bugs
  • Synopsis: Surreal and amazing, Gzero has stated that he bases his GMod work on dreams that he has had. Each of them feels like a small part of a much greater, more epic story. Sadly, Gzero has stated his retirement from GMod-making, due to his recent acceptance into film school.

Anything by STBlackST

  • Recommended by Anyar
  • Synopsis: Beautifully crafted comedy animations made with a combination of various programs, including but not limited to GMod, SFM, Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects, that will have you laughing all the way.


    Machinima / Animations – General 

Needa dispensah heeah by zilchonum

Cheeseburger Apocalypse: The Movie, by MisterMild

Ignis Solus by LitFuseFilms

Dynamic Action Team Series, a machinima series by We Game Dot Com (as they call themselves)

  • Recommended by Alucard
  • Synopsis: About the journey of three "associates" (they just game together and are totally not friends) spanning multiple PC gaming worlds. Picks up by Ep. 03.

Spy & Pyro by Andrew Kepple

Law-Abiding Engineer, by TrueOneMoreUser

The Demo Knight, by TrueOneMoreUser

  • Recommended by Quanyails
  • Synopsis: TrueOneMoreUser made another movie trailer in the above's style, this time for The Dark Knight. Only time will see if it gets the amount of reclaim Law Abiding Engineer gets.

Persona Fortress 2, by Nif3

Team Fortress: Band of Brothers, by squidballs07

Every Class Is Different, by MrArrowFish and Hnilmik

What's He Building In There?, by zekeyspacelizard

A Granary Adventure The Underdog Story, by xlr105.

  • Recommended by The Toon Geekette, Naomi Hansen, Obsidian Fire, Anyar
  • Synopsis: A follow-up to the creator's previous project, A Heavy's 2fort Adventure, this isn't actually one video, but rather a bunch of videos strung together to make an interactive story, based around precise timing and careful decision-making. Epic in scale, with decent gameplay, a good plot, and an honestly touching ending. Go watch it...I mean, play it...I mean...just click on the link, will you?

Meet the Pyro, by avemagnadude

  • Recommended by Quanyails, So We Ate Them
  • Synopsis: A fan-made version of the missing "Meet the Team" movies that isn't a Rickroll or two-frame flipbook? Especially with custom animation and a twist on the speculation of the Pyro's identity? Excellent!

SCOUT IS HERO (Pancake Man: Pandemonium trailer), by BlueChameleon01

  • Recommended by Chuint
  • Synopsis: The RED Scout becomes a superhero, Pancake Man, and fights crime with the help of his three best buds, RED Engy, RED Soldier, and RED Medic. There's four or five real episodes of the series, and the trailer for a movie that was never to be released. BlueChameleon01 has stated after their 5000th subscriber that they would actually produce the movie if the trailer gets 100,000 views.

TF2: Sentry Sabotage! by CorridorDigital

  • Recommended by Quanyails, Dreamy_Hunter, Cootling, Anyar, LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: What Team Fortress 2 might look like as a live-action short. Has exceptionally well-done effects and nice music, to boot. Also, check out Team Snow Fortress and Nerf Team Fortress, by the same creators.

Donkey Kong - The BLU Heist by thecrispt3r4t0r

  • Recommended by MJ Trooper
  • Synopsis: A hilarious adventure where the titular ape tries to retrieve his banana hoard from the BLU team. This video features fairly decent animation, but the main draw is the various antics DK gets into. Filled with quite a number of Shout Outs.

Heavy's Revelation by MisterMild

  • Recommended by MJ Trooper
  • Synopsis: Tired of the seemingly puny stature of his team, the Heavy decides to go solo. The Spy tries to convince him not to leave, but the Heavy decides that he no longer needs them.

Heavy Birthday (Part 1)(Part 2) by Creativity Zone

The Scout makes a move on Miss Pauling by MaxOfS2D

Heavy is spy by Gmodexpo

Team Fabulous 2 by kitty0706

  • Recommended by Candy Entrails, Trivialato, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Warning: If you click that link, you'd better be prepared for 17 straight minutes of bizarre faces, slapstick insanity, and a complete lack of rhyme or reason in general. There are many of Team Fabulous 2's ilks on Website/Youtube, but Fabulous takes reigns supreme over all of its cousins in terms of production values and genuinely hilarious crack. Also, there's some plot stuff about a red fox-cat thing dropping The Moon on a Mario Kart map, but that makes about as much sense as the rest of the video.

I'm Tired by Shwiggan

  • Recommended by Dont Kill Bugs, LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: An extremely well-done GMod rendition of a scene from The Green Mile. Possibly the most "serious" GMod video ever made, except maybe the aforementioned Heavy's Revelation. Has just as much Tear-Jerking potential as the actual scene from the movie. Ever since the upload of this video, its maker has been bombarded with requests for more "serious" TF2 videos.

Dictator by Shwiggan

  • Recommended by Adam C, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Using such a goofy, cartoony game and using it as a way to show the horrors of war sounds like a straight-up silly idea, but this is almost shocking in how touching it is. It puts Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator into the Medic's mouth and mashes it against loving and horrifying shots of the team palling around and killing each other. It's actually so good, it makes you want to stop playing the game.

Modception by MegaGFilms and several other YouTube GMod video users.

  • Recommended by Etheru
  • Synopsis: A collaboration by many, many YouTube users, this 23 minute GMod film is a pretty interesting, and perhaps accurate representation of the randomness and oddities of dreams, even if a lot of them are humorous (and sometimes rely on lowbrow humor), I recommend at least a watch.

Practical Problems, by monkeyjunkie160

  • Recommended By MF1993, Quanyails, MJ Trooper, Cootling, Naomi Hansen, Glass Spires, Anyar
  • Synopsis: RED Engineer decides to have a snack during a match when he sees the BLU Engineer. After the RED Engineer laughs at the BLU Engineer's misfortune, the two start outing each other by using other members of their team. This conflict eventually leads to the BLU Engineer into doing something that has to be seen to believed. Nominated for Best Comedy in the 2012 Saxxy Awards.

TeamFormers by bosak

  • Recommended by Gigaspine7
  • Synopsis: The BLU Engineer has a dastardly new trick up his sleeve, and whatever it is has RED on edge, and rightfully so. Be sure to check out its sequel, Electric Boogaloo, which was good enough to be nominated for Best Comedy during the 2012 Saxxy Awards.

A Wrench in the Gears by bosak

  • Recommended by Stealth, Anyar
  • Synopsis: With the RED and BLU teams pushed to the brink of annihilation, the teams' Engineers engage in a radical plan to even the odds. Said plan involves giving the invading robot hordes a taste of their own medicine and then some, until the machines get in on the Escalating War. Nominated for Best Action in the 2014 Saxxy Awards.

Scout vs. Witch: a tale of boy meets ghoul by nailbiterRG

  • Recommended by paragraphchild, Quanyails, LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: This recently became popular on the internet (even Valve mentioned Kotaku's article on it). Scout fighting the Witch from Left 4 Dead.

We Met The Team by Mister Royzo

  • Recommended by Kryptik
  • Synopsis: A video of what Team Fortress 2 would be like with a James Bond movie intro, complete with the esoteric title sequence.

Meet the Family by TheDKer

  • Recommended by Nightelf37, Cootling, LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: An awesome team of father and son in the map of 2Fort

Robot Defense Simulator by 69Starmix96

  • Recommended by Naomi Hansen
  • Synopsis: A round of Mann vs. Machine in a nutshell.

The First Wave (Mann vs. Machine Prequel) by Kostamoinen

  • Recommended by Taxima, Anyar
  • Synopsis: The Robots have appeared, the new war has marked its first wave.

Bad Medicine, by Zachariah Scott

  • Recommended by Gigaspine7, Naomi Hansen, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Archimedes has passed on. The Medic has trouble coping, and seeks to numb his own pain, eventually delving into his own subconscious. Winner of the 2012 Saxxy Award for Best Drama.

Story of a Sentry, by soimon

  • Recommended by Naomi Hansen, Glass Spires, Anyar
  • Synopsis: This short film tells the story of an Engineer and his Sentry. Winner of the 2012 Saxxy Awards for Best Overall.

''The Curse of Team Auto-Balance", by Marwan Mohd Zahari

  • Recommended by Doctor Spacebar, Glass Spires
  • Synopsis: The RED Spy gets dominated by the BLU Sniper, and attempts to get his revenge. But something gets in the way.

How the Spy Sapped Christmas by SuperSoupy

The "Team Service Announcement" series by Krunkydile

  • Recommended by Clam 15, Glass Spires, Anyar
  • Synopsis: "Team Service Announcement" is a series where the common mistakes and unused strategies of new and inexperienced are blown out of proportion and explained in an attempt to help those who make them, as well as make my life less horrible.

[SFM] America by COB Metal Head

Beautiful Little Moment by thatscoutisaspy

Once Upon A Time In 2fort, Part 2 by Konstantine Rymaruk

  • Recommended by Peabody Sam, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Picking up where the first part left off, the BLU team picks up the RED intel and must bring it to their own intel room to capture it. A chilling horror and drama animation.

MvM Wars I - Stop that tank! by IACFromEarth

  • Recommended by Peabody Sam, Anyar
  • Synopsis: A reenactment of a battle against Sahaquiel from the film Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0, this time starring the RED team as they valiantly attempt to stop one of Gray Mann's tanks from deploying its payload.

Till Death Do Us Part by Lozeng3r

  • recommended by Peabody Sam, Glass Spires, Anyar, LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: It's the zombie apocalypse, and RED and BLU team up in order to survive.
    • Now has a sequel, which won the 2013 Saxxy Award for Best Drama.

Rise of the Epic Scout by Crash Maul

  • recommended by Shadow Fighter 88, Anyar
  • Synopsis: At the brink of death, a mysterious power revives the Scout and gives him the strength to fight on.

Meet the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer by Crash Maul

  • recommended by Shadow Fighter 88, Anyar
  • Synopsis: With RED up against the wall, an Engineer and his barely-controlled partner take the field.

The Fight for Sawmill by Crash Maul

  • recommended by Shadow Fighter 88, Anyar
  • Synopsis: The Epic Scout meets his match in this inevitable crossover.

Tengen Toppa Heavy Medic by Electric Jesus

  • recommended by therealjackieboy, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Heavy and the Medic must defeat the Demoman and the Pyro via ridiculously cool fight scenes. -An SFM series.

Cult of Personality by LoneWolfHBS

  • Recommended by Taxima, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Ousted by BLU, a vengeful Medic gathers together fellow outcasts and leads a new army to wipe out both RED and BLU once and for all. -A dead SFM series.

The Negotiation by Andy Thybo

  • Recommended by Obsidian Fire, Anyar
  • Synopsis: A negotiation for the Intel between the Spy and Engineer goes bad in the old west. Train chases and showdowns abound.

A Funny by Tipsy Duck

  • Recommended by Sioni Bod Da, Anyar
  • Synopsis: A funny video.

Mann Swap by Olu

Team Fortress: The Line, by TamiyaGuy

  • Recommended by mariic
  • Synopsis: TF2 characters act out the ending for SpecOpsTheLine. (WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

Pyro's Night at Freddy's by Recursive Sweatpants.

"Every Dramatic Team Fortress 2 Video" by Krunkidle

  • Recommended by Tacitus
  • Synopsis: You could either spend hours going through YouTube and experiencing all the drama that can be forged from using TF 2 characters in SFM, or you could watch this minute-long video and get the gist of them.
  • Comments: From the guy who does the Team Service Announcement videos, this clip is based on his remarks during a podcast on why has no interest in doing "dramatic" works.

Turbulence by Dunkle

  • Recommended by Pilot Solaris, Anyar
  • Synopsis: A Battle in the Rain featuring the Team Fortress 2 characters in jetliners. A Saxxy Awards winner for Best Overall.

The date that got out of hand by NearElite

  • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
  • Synopsis: Scout's attempt to date Heavy's daughter, or Sasha, goes horribly wrong when he takes things out of hand.

The Pybro (Remastered) by That TTMR Guy

  • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Set during the fictitious Spy vs Engineer update, a BLU engineer gets too cocky and finds himself surrounded by french spies and failed headshots.
A homewrecker-wielding BLU Pyro appears to help the Engi and the two begin a battle for survival and a race against time to stop the World's Slowest Sapper from destroying his work.

Heavy's Final Flash by Mini Corn

  • Recommended by GoldenKeyblade, Anyar
  • Synopsis: In the midst of a battle, Heavy is pushed too far by the loss of a sandvich, and an unfortunate Blu Spy discovers exactly how dangerous he can be.
  • Comments: An impressive example of setting Team Fortress 2 voice clips in a new context, with some equally impressive effects to go with it. The familiar, extremely awesome music helps too.

Meet the BLU Team by DrClay999

  • Recommended by Graf von Tirol, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Meet the Team, only through the BLU Team, and said team demonstrates their incompetence.

Chess Game by A Dummie

  • Recommended by Anyar
  • Synopsis: Team Fortress 2, except the battlefield is controlled by a couple of chess players.

The Ballad of New Weapons Soldier by Genowhirl70

  • Recommended by Anyar
  • Synopsis: The tale of an Original Character told in a comedic GMod animation with a Christmas story narration.

Heavy's Terrific Night by Burno

  • Recommended by Anyar
  • Synopsis: A humorous 5-minute GMod animation in which the Heavy confronts one cliché horror movie scene after another... only to find the worst horror of all.

Power of Art by wieziesz

Lil Guardian Pyro by Winslow Magne

  • Recommended by Anyar
  • Synopsis: A cute, comedic action animation that won the hearts of viewers and the 2013 Saxxy Awards' judges.

Medic's Magic Show by Fortress Films

  • Recommended by Anyar
  • Synopsis: "In this 60 second short, will Medic be able to entertain the mercs? Find out in... 60 seconds!" A 2015 Saxxy Awards finalist.

Much Ado About Saxxies by SamSpielberg

  • Recommended by Anyar
  • Synopsis: Another 2015 Saxxy Awards finalist, in which the Heavy must think of a good idea for the upcoming Saxxy Awards in a week. Can he do it in time?

Hide And Seek by Silvermace

  • Recommended by LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: A short Halloween video with a punchline.
  • Notes: Head to the creator's channel for more of their short clips - good animation if unpolished, often surreal, and very funny.

Jurassic Engie by ThatAverageJoe

  • Recommended by LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: The Engisaurus is a delicate creature which is the last of its kind. I then killed it for a nice Sunday breakfast. (A ''Jurassic Park re-animation that must be seen to be believed.)

How to Ride a Bike by Tipsy Duck (narrated by [[ Ben Paddock)

  • Recommended by LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: An original animation about bicycles. Well, mostly about bicycles. It's not at all about bicycles, if we're honest, except for the bicycles.

Press G by Marwan Mohd Zahari

  • Recommended by LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: On the dangers of taunting.

Team Neighborhood by Greatdictator

  • Recommended by PrivateerMan
  • Synopsis: What would happen if TF2 was an Animated Sitcom set in a suburban neighborhood? It details the shenanigans of the RED and BLU teams, as they attempt to do completely menial tasks in an utterly Crazy Awesome manner.

Frontline! - A Call to Arms by Frontline!

     Machinima / Animations – Music 

Dance Fortress 2, by thejazzman9475

  • Recommended by Shroomy, Cootling, Naomi Hansen, Glass Spires, Anyar
  • Synopsis: Hands down one of the best fan-made animations I have ever seen. The animation is fluid and detailed, and the personalities of the various characters are captured perfectly in their movements. You'll end up watching several times to catch everything you missed.

Beat It in TF2 by lass1234

  • Recommended by Sgt Frog 1
  • Synopsis: Possibly inspired by the special Halloween-only taunt that mimics the famous Thriller dance, this is an extremely well-animated video of all 18 characters (9 from RED, 9 from BLU) dancing to Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

Spy: Gay or European? by catwings30 (reupload)

  • Recommended by Tabs, Glass Spires, LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: A sort-of animation using the song "There! Right There!" from Legally Blonde: The Musical. It is well-drawn and funny and I have no better words for it right now. The user has a deviantART account too, which is worth checking out.

Heavy's Pizza Song, by RubberFruit, The Living Tombstone, and 2007excalibur2007.

TEXAS STYLE, by TheEngiGuy

GentleBot Hell, by MisterMulluc

The Spy, by FLOOPtRON

  • Recommended by LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: An SFM music video of the titular song by The Doors.

We Will Rock You, by ItalianNinja98

  • Recommended by LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: Two teams face off and the Reds have a hell of a Badass Boast.

Mongrel Spy,

  • Recommended by LongLiveHumour
  • Synopsis: An SFM remake of the C*** Song from Mongrels. Lively, funny, well-animated, astonishingly catchy and impossible to sing in public.

  • Push Cart Boom Boom by STBlackST]
  • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
  • Synopsis: An extremely well-animated sequence in which the RED Heavy encourages his team (and Miss Pauling) to victory in the Payload Race, with the entire team showing off some killer dance moves, all set to amazing background music.

    Voice Mashups 

Engineer Techno (Ghosts n' Stuff remix), by MysticMild/MisterMild

  • Recommended by Fivepence, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
  • Synopsis: A vocal mashup of deadmau5's and Rob Swire's Ghosts n' Stuff that adds what it so desperately needed: More Engie. Better than the original.

Soldier Gaga ft. Spyoncé - Cap My Point, by EnigmaEvocative

Heavy Bieber ft. Scoutachris - Baby, by crashblast23returns3

  • Recommended by Sadclown, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
  • Synopsis: Similar to the above recommendation. Not really a video, but still glorious.

Heavy Cruz ft. Medacris - Touch Your Gun, by EnigmaEvocative

  • Recommended by Nashimi, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
  • Synopsis: A parody of the Taio Cruz song "Break Your Heart". Gloriously funny and amazingly well mixed.

Heavybull - Hey Spies (Get On The Point Wankers) ft. T-Snipe by TheHerbalisti

  • Recommended by Nashimi
  • Synopsis: Another song parody. Very, very amusing.

My Little Fortress 2: Sentence-mixing is Da Magicks! by 2007excalibur2007

Force-A-Nem — Mmph the Way You Mmph by mymapagainstyourcash

  • Recommended by Quanyails, Cootling, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
  • Synopsis: Arguably the best TF2 voice-music edit, "Mmph the Way You Mmph" imitates "Love the Way You Lie", except with the Scout and Pyro filling the lines. The lyrics are exceptionally well-mixed, with proper timing, flow, and rhyme. This goes the same for mymapagainstyourcash's other mixes.

Extra Dispensial - Heavy by thatscoutisaspy

  • Recommended by Tabs, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
  • Synopsis/Comments: Parody of E.T., with the Spy, Heavy, Medic, and Engineer's lines replacing Katy Perry's. I couldn't help laughing while listening to this.

Soldier Vs. Masked Spy by Wazgul

  • Recommended by Trivialato
  • Synopsis: Combine the Battle theme of Masked Dedede from Kirby Super Star Ultra with random sounds from just about everything in TF2, with Touhou-like visuals taken from who knows how many fansites, and you get a long-lasting and unforgettable Ear Worm. Of course, this isn't even Wazgul's best example.

NightMen by Wazgul

  • Recommended by Trivialato
  • Synopsis: A "remix of a remix" for a popular song from the Touhou compilation, with excellent timing, ideas, lines, and an impressive vocal solo from Pyro voice clips. Just simply amazing.

Team Aristocats 2 by OudieStadium07

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: The Big-Lipped Alligator Moment from an old Disney film The Aristocats now with Team Fortress 2 voices. Starring the Medic as Edgar the butler, the Sniper and Scout as the farm dogs Napoleon and Lafayette, and the Heavy as Edgar's motorcycle. Excellent slapstick scene.

The Lion King Fortress 2 by fantachan

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: The first of four (so far) videos mixing the TF2 characters with those from The Lion King. Starring the Scout as Simba, the Heavy as Mufasa, the Medic as Zazu, the Admin as Nala, the Spy as Scar, the Demoman, Sniper, and Pyro as Senzi, Banzai, and Ed, and the Soldier and Engineer as Timon and Pumbaa.

Fully Charged by [DWL1993]

TF2 Comic Dubs by Ben Paddock

  • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
  • Synopsis: Ben Paddock makes one-man dubs of the TF2 comics, doing all the voices! Now includes Kat Scratch as Miss Pauling!

Meet The Kaiba by CardGamesFTW aka LittleKuriboh

  • Recommended by Dodi16, Naomi Hansen
  • Synopsis: It's the (abridged) first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! using only sound clips of the TF2 characters! Coming from LK, of course it's hilarious! :D I've watched it many times, and I highly recommend giving it a look.

Fire Fire Fire! by 24railwaycuttings


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