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Tarzan: Two Worlds, One Family by TheLastSurvivor14
  • Recommended by: Vulgar Bee
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: The Lion King
  • Synopsis: In this Disney Crossover, Tarzan is discovered by Sarabi and is adopted by the royal family of Priderock. When a British expedition enters the Pridelands, Tarzan encounters the beautiful Jane Porter and realizes that, like her, he's human. Falling in love with Jane, Tarzan must decide whether to leave with Jane and her people, or stay and live the lions he has called his family.
  • Tags: raised by lions, family, romance, brotherly bond
  • Comments: This fic is about our 2 favorite jungle heroes as brothers. The way Sarabi, a lion, is so motherly towards Tarzan, a human being, is so cute that you just want more interaction between them! The same goes for Mufasa and Simba accepting Tarzan as their son and brother. This author knows how to pull one's heartstrings!

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