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Proof that the top 10% are worth grinding for.

Welcome to the Tropes page for Star Trek Online fanfiction, where many people interested in reading stories about Player Characters in the Star Trek universe are able to find at least decent stories... though, be careful what you recommend. If a story isn't as good as the 10%, be sure to zap it, after a majority rules vote.


None known yet.

General Fics
Star Trek Frontier by 117Jorn (AKA Jordan Takeo or any variants thereof) Trope Page here.
  • Recommended by Xamusel
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: From the author's page: "A new war between the Federation and the Klingons has ignited. Both sides struggle against each other in a war for the control of the galaxy. However, as new factions begin to rise in the galaxy, and as new enemies and alliances are made, how will the course of events change now? Follow the tales of Captain Jaden Takeo and his crew on the USS Yorktown."
  • Pairings: Well... still too early to really tell.
  • Comments: Overall, a work that does not need the reader to know what the source material says about the canon, but could easily have people learn what isn't. If only the author and his/her friends didn't have too many stories up at once!

The Accord by Worffan 101


Shipping Fics

Nothing in here yet.


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