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Fanfic Recs / Splash

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Splash: An Alternate Chain of Events by dbzgal04

  • Recommended by: Ms MT Clark
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Allen Bauer and his brother Freddie arrive at the laboratory with Dr. Walter Kornbluth to rescue Madison. However, they discover that Madison broke the tank glass with her high-pitched screeches, then stabbed herself in the heart with a shard of the glass afterward since she was heartbroken and lost all hope. The desolate trio share their entire story with the media. Allen quickly gains support from the public, and a seaside funeral is held for Madison. After a minister sprinkles holy water on Madison's corpse, Allen kisses her lips while his tears drip on to her cheeks. Madison is resurrected by Allen's tears, which are full of despair and real love when they drip on her skin. Needless to say, everyone is surprised but ultimately full of joy.
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  • Pairing: Allen Bauer/Madison
  • Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Redemption, Resurrection