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Fanfic Recs / Shakespeare

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Proof yond the remaining 10% is w'rth reinventing the english language h're.

These art recommendations madeth by trop'rs f'r [[Creator/Shakespeare]] of which has't to beest sign'd to stayeth on the page. At which hour thee recommendeth a fic, f'rget not to useth the template hath found h're.

Thee can eke addeth to the current recommendations if 't be true thee wanteth. Refrain from posting administrivia/conv'rsationinthemainpage though; yond goeth in the discussion page.


Doth warneth at which hour a fanfic may headeth into shipping 'r non-canon t'rrit'ry. Some people just liketh not t, and as we all knoweth, Shipping is s'riousbusiness.


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