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These are recommendations made by Tropers for authors and sites of RWBY fanfic, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own finding to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. You can do it by expanding on the notes about the author or website, or linking similar or related authors or websites. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.



  • Recommended by Dark Deceiver
  • Darksper really only has one RWBY fanfic to his name, Grimm Tales, yet he's poured a lot of time, love, thought, and effort into it. You can't help but feel sorry for the characters and what they go through, and you grow to love them, and hope that they get a happy ending. What's most notable is the story is also up on his DeviantART profile, with pictures included to add onto the experience, and he constantly interacts with his readers, answering questions and giving hints.


  • Recommended by Insano, Mcnickel, Zelenal
  • knives4cash is a pleasure to read when it comes to one-shot shipping and friendship for the White Rose and Bumblebee pairings. With over fifty works on the shelf with his series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose," you'll be laughing and smiling for a good while, and the occasional references, crossovers, and alternate history writing make the experience even better.

Momoxtoshiro, also known as Hana

  • Recommended by Mcnickel
  • One of the more prolific writers of the RWBY fandom, Hana makes a point of updating weekly at a minimum, often on what she calls RWBY Tuesdays. Her works run the gambit from uplifting fluff to crushing angst, and while a large number of her works are one-shots, her series, especially Gold, are very well-received.

Dinas Emrys, also known as RedSuitWriter

  • Recommended by MinamiKobayashi
  • A writer who focuses primarily on action-heavy romance, however, he has a preference for longer-length series over one-shots. Good work, although he tends to run multiple series at the same time and has longer waits between updates. As of writing, his Premium Well Redux is the highest-rated story in the RWBY section of Archive of Our Own. His Vigilante AU series also includes a Prequel episode written by knives4cash featured above, and he is a writer on the Summer Rose Court project.
  • Has recently started on an AU based on the X-Wing novels, titled The Nikos Gambit.

God Emperor Penguin

  • Recommended by LadWatcher
  • God Emperor Penguin is known for being one of the most, if not the most, bizarre fanfiction writer of RWBY. His works generally involve shipping between Jaune and a random female character, with the Author's preferred character being Weiss. With decent writing skills and an outstanding imagination, his works never fail to entertain. However, on the edge side, the author has a tendency for writing extremely crackbrained plots and unexpected endings for his stories with the most known example being Betrothed thus earning him the title of a troll. His account is shared by other two writers, one of them being the author of Inch which is by far one of the best shipping fanfics between Jaune and Weiss.


  • Recommended by SkyrimForTheElves, MinamiKobayashi
  • One of the best romantic writers in the fandom, their Mafia AU is generally regarded as one of the best AUs created thus far.


  • Recommended by SkyrimForTheElves
  • A wonderful humor and romance writer who writes for multiple pairings. They've also written more serious works.


  • Recommended by SkyrimForTheElves, MinamiKobayashi
  • One of the writers on Summer Rose Court, one of the highest regarded smut writers in the FNDM, the namer of the 'Enabler' ship, and an incredible writer who has also done PG romance. Highly recommended.

FlawedVictori/ChickenGums ( link)

  • Recommended by PunslingerYang
  • An exceptional humor and romance writer. They've written many different pairings, and they've also written some very good angst, as well as a few more dirty works. Of particular note are Miscommunication, a monochrome angst piece, Off the Tracks, which is bumbleby romance/humor, and The Team Furnace, which is a good teamwide humor fic that seems to be shaping up into Bee's Schnees.

Midwestern Duchess

  • Recommended by henry42
  • Midwestern Duchess mainly writes one-shots, although with some shared continuity. Stories are overall fairly serious, but most are not unusually dark.


  • Recommended by Bored4Eternity
  • A pair of writers who currently have a fantastically written ongoing series with multiple installments and shorts. Additionally, they also have a monochrome story that is also ongoing as well. The collaboration works by each author divvying up characters to write for. The writers do an excellent job with characterization and occasionally do a little bit of deconstruction concerning the clashing personalities of our protagonists while taking them through their adventures.


  • Recommended by Black Sun Nocturne
  • Novandalis' fics are a pleasure to read when it comes to shipping (thus far she's completed a Weiss/Neo fanfic, and is working on the sequel along with a Monochrome/Checkmating fanfic) that combine very well-written dialogue, humor, drama and all that good stuff. Her three longest fics, RWBY: A Neo Outlook on Life, RWBY: A Neo Outlook on Life II and RWBY: Starting at Checkmate are Alternate Universe fics, with the first two having the largest divergence from the main plot, whereas RWBY: Starting at Checkmate follows the plot of Volumes 2 and 3 a bit more closely, though with some changed.


  • Recommended by Rainey H
  • If you want heartwarming, emotional, well-written stories centered on Team CFVY, look ye nae further. Also a contributor to the Ginormous Nerds series—specifically the one where Blake brings Weiss to a suspiciously familiar D&D session with Killer Game Master ...Velvet?


Coeur Al'Aran

Texan Red Rose

  • Recommended by Alexlayer
  • An incredibly prolific and talented author who writes all sorts of AU stories, largely centered around their three favorite characters – Weiss, Blake and Yang – and their favorite pairings, which is largely comprised of any combination of the aforementioned three characters, along with a few addition, such as Yang/Winter. Moreover, they make it a point to always explore the characters in depth, so their stories make for great analysis of these characters. There’s just no end to the adventures, situations and romances this author will put the cast through, so if you share their favorite characters, you should definitely give their work a try.


  • Recommend by Hero2014
  • A talented writer who likes Bumblebee. As in, it's the focus of every single one of her stories. Regardless, all of her RWBY stories are exceptionally well written, intriguing as hell, and, save for a drabble series, all complete. Worth a look.

DezoPenguin and Stewbacca94

  • Recommend by buckyb
  • This duo of writers are mentioned here together, because they are responsible for the Belladonna Lilies series, which encompasses five completed fics and one current fic all set in a "Dust-punk" version of late Victorian England. In addition, Stewbacca94 authored Goodbellas, one of the most notorious mafia pieces in the FNDM, and routinely posts responses to the subreddit's writing challenges.


  • Recommended by Doodler
  • A duo of prolific writers who have written a number of RWBY fanfics, both separately and together. Many focus on the Happy Huntresses, fleshing them out considerably both individually and as a group, as well as a number of A Us, such as Aquarius, a retelling of the Odyssey featuring a living Pyrrha journeying to Haven, and The Gang Kidnaps A Child, where Team STRQ finds ten year old Cinder at the hotel. Regardless of the fic, all of them share strong prose, creative worldbuilding, a little bit of humor, and a focus on character study above all, bringing out Hidden Depths and Character Development from the canon.


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