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Fanfic Recs / Pippi Longstocking

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Ryan Choi (Fan account)
  • Recommended by YetiHamilton
  • Ryan has been writing fanfics ever since he joined Fan in 2014. He started by writing Phineas and Ferb fanfics, most of them have good reviews, and then eventually, he started doing fanfics of other categories.

General Stories
The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking by Ryan Choi
  • Live through Pippi Longstocking again in this brand-new story of Pippi and her wacky adventures.
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  • Status: Complete
  • This is a reboot of Pippi Longstocking in general, the adventure starts from a new beginning. There are original Pippi Longstocking chapters and/or episodes from previous books, movies, and tv shows adapted into this story, along with some original stories from the author. This story ongoing story is likely to contain more humor. I hope other people will agree woth my opinion of this story.


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