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Rise of Nightmayr by furrets

  • Recommended by Wiseoung-5
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: The Night Dimension is falling apart, and a new ruthless leader has taken Wizeman's throne. On top of the new power threatening the dream world, children are starting to disappear from the waking world with no evidence of force. With the help of NiGHTS, Juliet must reunite friends in order to stop Nightmayr's plans for Nightopia.
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  • Comments: It certainly stands out in comparison to most other fanfics. Also, bonus points for having an LGBT protagonist.

Windows to a Haunted Mind and related writings by Lynne Tripplet.

  • Forever unfinished and as old as balls. Lynne was probably about 15 when she wrote this, and it's pretty much what you'd expect considering.
  • But this fanfiction was extremely popular in its day, and formed a roleplay community which is now lost.
  • It does have some interesting aspects, namely it's the only fanfiction I've found that follows what NiGHTS does in nightmare, what NiGHTS feels being a "different" nightmaren and NiGHTS's escape from Nightmare. All the major characters are assigned colours that represent their personality (Which later became a part of Engelbaum canon) and Lynne's darker, maren-eat-maren vision of nightmare is unusual too.
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  • Basically NiGHTS's and Lynne's problems start when NiGHTS tries to steal Lynne's red ideya unsuccessfully, they now have half each, forcing them into a Psychic Link, cue confusion.
Warning for suicide and explicit violence.

Descent into Dreams also by Lynne Tripplet.

  • A long-unfinished comic that remains as a oneshot story for now, draws a parallel between Claris and Lynne running from a nightmare before finding NiGHTS, stunning artwork.

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