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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Neon Genesis Evangelion authors, reviewers and websites, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


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Fanbards, formerly known as Dark Scribes.OrgWebarchive form 2003

  • Predating most other NGE fanfic writing circles, DS was one of the earliest English speaking NGE writer circles. Originally comprised of a few writers circa 2001, the stable of writers grew based on invitation by the organization's founder, "Lord Deathscythe". It has since branched to other fandoms, but contains a core number of members who cut their teeth on NGE fanfiction. Recently undergoing something of a re-invention thanks to a change of host and a rewrite of the site's code to be more user friendly. While the main archive was saved, the rewrite didn't go smoothly so Deathscythe decided to rewrite it from scratch, rendering the site inaccessible for years.
    • From November 3, 2013, Darkscribes was operational with the entire archive restored and available. In early 2015 however, a bot successfully hacked the site using a vulnerability the owner thought was fixed several months ago. Alongside with repairing this, Deathscythe also decided to take down the archive once more in order to fix the formatting errors from the previous import by hand. As of July 2015, work is going at a very slow pace due to lack of manpower.
    • Additionally, Deathscythe has openly announced that he wishes to wean the community off of their dependence on Fan since the closure of several high-profile Eva fanfiction archives. For that end, Darkscribes has begun assimilating a number of these defunct archives, most importantly and Evalemons/Lemontastica (though the latter's content requires a user account to access, for obvious reasons).


  • A website originally dedicated to NGE fics but since expanded into general fanfiction, with a semi-active community forums containing a similarly useful archive of information. In early 2013, the old site ceased to exist due to the administrator no longer being able to pay for hosting; a new site has been launched but all the old forum content has been lost and the fanfiction section has been replaced with a link to the Evamade community on
    • In late October 2013, Darkscribes made an attempt at an acquisition but the admin, Snowfairy, still has her own plans regarding the site. In July 2015 however, she finally gave in due to having other things to do and gave Deathscythe partial control over the site; Deathscythe announced his intention to restore Evamade's old forum content and integrate it into Darkscribes, although he has no access to the site's Facebook group yet.

    Reviews and critics 

The Evangelion Fanfic Review Syndicate

  • The oldest review group for English language NGE fanfiction, The Evangelion Fanfic Review Syndicate was formed in 1999 by early NGE fans on the NGE mailing list (, later known as Eva.OneGeek.Org), their reviews offer a glimpse into the distant past of NGE ficdom, when the series was only just beginning to be translated by fans to English. Back then, fans had to rely on the Literal Translation Project to understand what was being said, and few could even get their hands on bootlegged copies of End of Evangelion. The archaic and esoteric stories reviewed offer very different interpretations of the series than contemporary authors tend to offer, and some are very difficult to find on the web today.
    • (Preserved on, circa June 03, 2003)
    • While the contained links are pretty uniformly broken, the curious can find most of the stories in question archived here.

SEELE -- An Evangelion Fanfic Review group

  • A review group started by another early generation of NGE fans, SEELE's members are also who's-who of fanfic authors who turned out some of the earliest English language NGE fanfiction. Thus, their reviews are of some of the best fanfics early writers had to offer, as well as other stories which have since been long forgotten by newer fans.

Project R

  • A circle of early generation fanfic writers and readers who compiled reviews for NGE fanfiction, Project R provides reviews for some of the best works the NGE fanfic community had to offer as of the early 2000's. The group is now defunct.
    • (Preserved on, circa Feb. 17, 2006)

Fanfic Yakuza

  • A circle of NGE fanfic critics who formed in early '01, the "Fanfic Yakuza" were unified by their unabashed willingness to flame fanfiction they hated. Hence the "yakuza" theme. While the majority of their reviews were negative listing of fanfics to avoid, a few reviews point to that elusive 10% you should read.
    • (Preserved on, circa Feb. 03, 2004)


Adam Kadmon
Kadmon's fics have three things in common: 1. They're very well-written. 2. They feature strong insights into the characters' minds and personalities, even when they diverge from canon. 3. They are either very dark, or turn that way before it's all said and done.

Has written both long stories and one-shots of many different kind and genres. He has written comedy, action, romance, angst... their writings have something for everyone, and he keeps the characters IC.

Bagheera mostly writes character-oriented pieces, developing and analyzing the Eva characters and their relationships, showing them like very flawed and damaged but ultimately sympathetic characters. He knows the series and the characters and it shows, and delves into relationships and aspects of the characters that most fanfic writers ignore. His main work is Ghosts of Evangelion.

A writer with a detailed prose and a talent for writing long epic tales and crossovers, Chuckman's stories are highly addictive. Last Child of Krypton -both the original and the rewrite- and Samsara are possibly his best fanfics.
Deathbringer374 writes very dark stories where he thoroughly tears the characters apart and deconstructs them before rebuilding them stronger than ever. His stories are very psychologically-focused and make an excellent work getting into the characters' heads. His most famous tale is Scar Tissue.

Eric Blair
Eric has written a good number of excellent romance fics, balancing romance and drama and focusing on exploring the complexities of every character.

Gob Hobblin
This writer has a huge number of highly original fics under his belt, written with a detailed style that examines the characters and their world in depth.

Gregg Landsman
Gregg's fics like Nobody Dies and Walking in the Shadow of Dreams are a helluva lot of fun and take the franchise in unique directions. Most notably, he has a talent for awesome spins on Rei. Unfortunately, people getting upset with Nobody Dies' direction resulted in him taking an extended break from the fic, and restarting it as a Rebuild.

Writes straight Neon Genesis Evangelion stories as well as crossovers, all of his stories Shinji is portrayed positively, pairings vary depending on the story, some stories are complete, some look like they are abandoned. Most of his stories I would recommend.

Has a good number of excellent dark and romance fics that are a great blend of angst and heart-warming with excellent characterization. All of them are worth to reading, but Rolling Blackouts and NGE: Runaways are especially noteworthy.

Creator of stories such like The Second Try -one of the most popular and best-regarded Eva fanfics-, Aki-chan's Life or The Ikaris, Jimmy writes stories that are original, show a great knowledge of the series and the characters, and know how applying the right amount of drama, tenderness and comedy. All of them are worth of a reading, and other than in his homepage, they can be found in and Darkscribes.

Legato Deathscythe
Creator of many great, well-written fics with excellent characterization. His stories are varied, well-thought and original. Highly recommendable.

Most of MidnightCereal's Eva fics are fairly short. All of them are smartly written, with an interesting balance of humor and drama, and cover wildly different themes and genres.

Known as Strypgia in the Sufficient Velocity, SpaceBattles and Evageeks boards, and author of Advice and Trust and A Crown of Stars, he is a very competent story-teller with an excellent grasp of the characters and their world that pens long tales with elaborate character study and excellent grammar. If you want stories with poignant drama, touching waffiness and gut-splitting comedy he is your go-to writer.

A truly prolific fanfic writer for Eva (and some other fandoms) who consistently nails characterization and story pacing. All of the stories are of very high quality, and are worth reading.

Sailor Star Dust (alternate link)
Writes incredibly tender, poignant and meaningful romance stories that are all high quality, nailing characterization. Unfortunately her stories have disappeared from but they are still stored in Fanbards.

Writes beautiful Kawoshin and Mariasu shorts - each evocative and reflective, written in a lovely, vivid style. Mostly character studies.

Strike Fiss
While it hasn't been updated in some time, it is home to a number of high quality fics, most notably Shinji the Casanova, the two parter Holding Hands and the epic Higher Learning.

Writes a lot of Asuka/Rei oneshots, which are honestly a delight to read.


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